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    Listen to DJ Gag Reflex’s Hypnotic Mix “Velvet Glove”

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    Listen to DJ Gag Reflex’s Velvet Glove Mix

    I first saw DJ Gag Reflex perform live at a friend’s birthday party at the Cockpit in Seattle, in 2016. It was also her first night DJing publicly, and everyone was blown away. She hammered together huge beats with psychotic vocals that made the crowd seemingly levitate. It was pure ecstacy.

    The night of that party, there was palpable difference in the air – Seattle was rapidly changing. Underground spaces were disappearing, rent was pushing people out of the city, and livelihoods felt threatened. There was a ubiquitous urge everyone felt to let it all out, to be vile, and to bond vigilantly. DJ Gag Reflex’s set seemed to play into that feeling, as well as confront it in a sonic way.

    These days, you can most often catch her at Pony in Seattle, where she’s a resident DJ at a party called Bloom that takes place on the first Saturday of every month. In this mix she sent us, she stays true to her signature style by first hypnotizing you with a clean house beat. Then, the tracks slither into the shadows of your mind. Explore that side of yourself with this mix, and follow the compulsive need to just dance.


    1. Winx – Don’t Laugh (Josh Wink Edit)
    2. Samuel L Session Feat. Elbee – Off The Chain (The Drums)
    3. Frankie Bones – I Do Forgive You (Original Mix)
    4. Submission – Women Beat Their Men (Gettoblaster GettoFabulous Mix)
    5. De-Bons-en-Pierre – Démissionne En Tuant Ton Patron
    6. Hodge & Randomer – Slipping
    7. Miclodiet – Chain Shot (Original Mix)
    8. Loleatta Holloway – Stand Up (Pangaea Mix)
    9. Arttu Roberto Q Ingram – Walking on a Fine Line
    10. Etch – Glass Shores
    11. Dj Bunnylip – Dream Said
    12. Sonic Solution -Beat Time (Remix)
    13. Pattern Drama – Wait For Me ft. Aquarius Heaven & Hezza Fezza (Francesca Lombardo Remix)
    14. Outlander – Vamp (Frank De Wulf Remix)
    15. Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived

    If you could DJ a party anywhere without any restrictions, where would it be? What would the party be like?

    I want to have a three-day rave in a rock quarry where the party goers can use the industrial diggers to move the rocks and earth around and constantly change the landscape of the party.

    What is something that doesn’t have to do with music directly but influences your sound and style?

    Often, I think the political and criminally rebellious history of music and parties is forgotten and ignored, especially by academics and the theoreticians of radical politics. I’m influenced by the spirit of riots and the people that have fought for us to be able to have the kind of parties that we have now, especially as queer people.

    Tell us about what you want people to experience when you’re DJing.

    The cosmos but as a joke. Full physical and metaphysical merger with humor.

    Who are some DJs or artists that influence you?

    I like the documentarian Adam Curtis because his films verge so close to the edge of conspiracy that I can’t believe him. But he also makes me lose the ability to believe in my own thoughts.

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