• The Asylum Issue

    Precolumbian Drops Asylum 001 Mix

    The Asylum Issue
    A s y l u m 0 0 1   c o v e r

    Precolumbian Drops Mix on the Migrant’s Double Bind

    Your safe space is a trap, and DJ Precolumbian has the perfect soundtrack to go with it.

    If you’re in the mood to get lit and dismantle the illusory ideal of inclusivity, Precolumbian’s “A S Y L U M 0 0 1” is the one for you. The Philly-based, Peru-born DJ layers distinct sounds without flattening them out or forcing them to play nice. Featuring producers from across the Americas, South Africa, and elsewhere, Precolumbian has put together the kind of mix that begs for multiple listens (plus special attention to the text of the tracklist, which tells a whole story in itself, if you’re into that kind of thing).

    From the biting refrain we were here first in Angel Ho’s “REMOVALS” to the dark humor of Abdul Kadir’s “Phone Bill Way Up,” to the perfect finale “We Have No Allegiance (Digital Dirge)” by E_SCRAAATCH, the mix is part requiem, part warning call, sounding the alarm on the duplicity of empire’s open arms and offering an unromanticized tribute to all those who have suffered therein.

    (You can download the HD version here.)

    Catch up with Precolumbian on her inspiration for the mix, the migrant’s double bind, and thoughts on the mundane tyranny of the calling card:

    I immigrated to the US with my family when I was nine. We were part of a mass migration, in the late 80s and early 90s, escaping a war that had engulfed most of Peru for over a decade and eventually left like a hundred thousand dead or disappeared. Thinking about everything happening right now with immigration and refugees all over the global north, all over the world really. This mix is about the disruptive, exhausting and isolating experience of being uprooted: by war, conflict, persecution, poverty, deportation, incarceration, borders or any of the forms colonialism takes shape today. It’s also about the enormous falsehood of safety, of refuge, of sanctuary the homes of empire offer.

    I use the international calling card, which to me feels like one of the most mundane and, like, most common symbol of the immigrant experience, as a metaphor for the severed ties caused by migration and the barriers placed between peoples, families, cultures and native lands… Cuz not only have you been forced to leave your home but now you gotta pay all this money just to call your mom or whatever, you know?!

    Track list

    1. OnlyNow – No Escape
    2. Mock The Zuma – Black Puddle (Siete Catorce Remix)
    3. OMAAR – Move On
    4. Arca – Xen (False Witness Remix)
    5. Rizzla – Airlock
    6. Angel Ho – REMOVALS
    7. Abdul Kadir – Phone Bill Way Up
    8. Dat Oven – Icy Lake (Total Freedom Remix)
    9. Maria y Jose – M v t i v s
    10. Visionist – Tired Tears, Awake Fears
    11. E_SCRAAATCH – We Have No Allegiance (Digital Dirge)

    Follow DJ Precolumbian on Twitter and SoundCloud.

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