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    Double Up: A Winter Informal by Brujas x Gang Corp

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    Brujas and Gang Corp Double Up for A Winter Informal

    New York Fashion Week, have you heard? Brujas is getting together with their brother collective Gang Corp this Sunday, February 11 to raise hell against the capitalist empire with an iconic Winter Informal.

    Brujas and Gang Corp are two collectives based in New York City that mesh radical politics, cultural production, and street style as a way to spread their ethos of watching out for each other when no one else is going to. They’re joining forces to create Double Up: a Winter Informal party with the goal of building solidarity among low-income youth who are systematically criminalized by the police.

    “Whether you are hopping the train or stuck in traffic on a busy street on your way to work, the government is using its cameras and police force to squeeze you for your last dollar while denying you basic social services like health care, unemployment, quality education, and foodstamps.”

    Brujas continue to come up with creative ways to tag community members out of the snarls of government oppression. Following in the footsteps of movements like Swipe It Forward, they’ve been using funds earned through their clothing line “1971” to pay tickets for so called “fare beaters,” and championing their rebellious message that “there should be no fine for public transit fare evasion WHATSOEVER.”

    The “Each One Teach One” peer-to-peer education project launched last year is about raising awareness and spreading information about the racist, classist, and oppressive roots of educational institutions. Their collaboration with Gang Corp on Double Up reflexively shows the importance of teaming up across friend groups to share knowledge, style, and resources. The party is going to be all about building together as much as it’s about be about pulling a stunt and partying together; creating space for a necessary release and celebration after resistance day in and day out.

    Slide through Spin Club this Sunday at 8:00 pm and turn up with us to performances by Tabby Wakes, No Intimate, Baby Glock, gnarianna, SUCIA.

    On hosting duties we’ve got Cass Fédery, Vita, and Pat Hoblin, and people repping Colective Cósmica, Ragga, Herban Cura, and THINK OLIO.

    Get your tickets in advance by sending a payment to Venmo @BRUJASxGCWinterInformal. It’s $10 for single ticket, $15 for two, or $25 for four – or pay $10 individually at the door.

    Read more at blog.brujas.nyc, and see the Facebook event page here!

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