• The Body Issue
    October 2017 #45
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    • Heal Us Queer acupuncturist and herbalist Andy Baker. Photo by Hanna Hurr.

    • Why Katie Yow Is Refusing A Grand Jury Order Former grand jury resister Carrie Feldman and Katie Yow in conversation.

    • Man of Our Time Shia LaBeouf’s life is a chaotic mess, but it also raises the bar for what we’re capable of. Read more.

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    Table Of Contents


    Aiden Arata, Amanda Choo Quan, and Leah Clancy on the intimacy of cosmetic rituals, mall temporality, and the absence of beauty culture from academia.

    “So Tired Lately” Beauty as Artifice, Intimacy, and Power

    by Aiden Arata

    Our bosses ourselves

    In the name of productivity, companies are encroaching on their employees’ bodies with RFID-chip implants, badges that record audio and movement, and “self-improvement” health campaigns. How far is too far?

    Our Bosses, Ourselves

    by Julianne Tveten

    Schoolgirl 1

    From Britney Spears and Ariana Grande to The Craft and Clueless, the sexy Catholic schoolgirl is a mainstay of American popular culture. What’s her appeal?

    Not That Innocent

    by Rachel Vorona Cote

    Randall web
    Too Hype Too Early

    Digging up Skeletons Listen to Le1f’s Mix as you get hyped for DOLL GANG MASSACRE on Saturday October 28.

    Screenshot featured

    Deciding where waste goes follows the fault lines of pre-existing power structures, damaging public health with the justification of cleaning up pollution.

    The Pollution Is Coming from Inside the Stomach

    by Erin Schwartz


    Miss Kenzo’s Belladonna of Madness Mix This mix of bangers will sustain you through work and furrowed brows.


    October Cameos Rosemary, Alexis, and Marty share their morning routines, spiritual cravings, and guilty pleasures.

    Featured real
    Heart, Healing, and Acupuncture
    1 gray

    From Ex-Partner to Best Friend in 8 Steps The world is too cruel to cut each other out completely. Sooner or later, you’ll need each other.


    Desperate for change, Niko Maragos pilgrims to an isolated monastery in Greece, and waits for divine intervention.

    Learning to Die in Athos

    by Niko Maragos


    Tongo Eisen-Martin’s Heaven Is All Goodbyes reads like a volatile bus ride through an inhospitable San Francisco.

    “I am not an I. I am a black commons.”

    by Hunter Bolin

    Jptamang new

    Trade Secrets by J.P. Tamang

    No Rest for the Wicked

    “If he’s from the USA, then why is he wearing a kurta shalwar?” A duplicitous anthropologist enters a monastery...

    Masqueupoctober2017 web
    Alesia web

    Masque Up by Alesia Pullins

    All About Facial Oils

    Our beauty columnist dispels a couple myths and provides solid tips about facial oils for keeping a fresh look as the air gets crisp


    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    October 2017

    Let’s welcome Libra season with fresh thoughts, clear communication, and faith in each other.

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