• The Camp Issue
    July 2017 #42
    Lumumba web2
    • “Bright ideas / We got bright ideas” LOW Museum founder Pastiche Lumumba in his studio in Brooklyn NY. Photo by Ada Banks.

    • Fast Fashion is challenging the retail apocalypse narrative, writes Madison Van Oort.

    • The Hidden Struggle of Cancer Alley The most toxic land in the Western hemisphere can be found in Louisiana.

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    Table Of Contents

    Ruby web
    ruby onyinyechi amanze
    Queerfriendship web

    I am attracted to my friends in so many ways – why would sexual attraction be out of the question?

    The Queer Art of Fucking Your Friends

    by Sophia Giovannitti

    1 web

    Acting classes, Nurse Cinnamon with her chihuahua, autographed photos of Ms. Carey herself – Camp Mariah was special. But AJ’s happiest moments were the secret times he spent with Damon.

    Heartbreak at Camp Mariah

    by A. J. Stepney

    Mucusfeatured 2

    MY VIRTUAL PUSSY, MY ARTIFICIAL LUNGS Anaïs Duplan reviews powerhouse Juliana Huxtable’s latest book.


    Kids have so much to teach adults, she said. Yet she taught me folk songs, plant names, and profound humiliation.

    The Camp Witch

    by Aimée Lutkin

    Stealthcare web

    Stealth Care by Ruby Brunton

    Looking for Kicks

    Ruby Brunton traces her love for camp through teenage boredom, John Water’s cult musical Cry-Baby, and Comme Des Garçons’ designer Rei Kawakubo.

    Peppermint doc3
    How Peppermint Learned to Camp
    Feature1 4

    The history of hospitalizing minors for mental health issues is deeply entwined with that of youth incarceration. Sometimes the two share a room.

    Suffer Little Children

    by Emily Dall'Ora Warfield

    4 web
    Pastiche Lumumba
    Summeressentials masqueupfeatured2
    Alesia web

    Masque Up by Alesia Pullins

    11 Summer Essentials

    The 11 essential beauty products that will keep you looking fresh all season.


    Watch CupcakKe’s Music Video “33rd”
    in which she flips the script on her haters.


    Turnstile Jumping Will Be Decriminalized in Manhattan, as part of an effort to decrease arrests over low-level misdemeanors.


    After leaving the Ultra-Orthodox community she grew up in, Leah Vincent finds a way to break free of years of abuse and trauma she endured as a child. The secret lies somewhere between science and religion.

    How to Digest Sludge

    by Leah Vincent

    Alive right now 16 up web

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    July 2017

    Feelings are a physical reality. How we respond to them is key.

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