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    May 2017 #40
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    • And then they said "you're so wet" Photo by Ada Banks.

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    • Wanted: Martin Margiela Much like Margiela the man, the distinction of Margiela the label is indistinction.

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    Table Of Contents

    Logistics featured

    Getting ready to sail across the Atlantic, Maya Weeks is given a very specific checklist of preparations.

    How to Prepare to Sail Across an Ocean

    by Maya Weeks

    Porpentine Charity Heartscape

    Sometimes utopia looks like moments of pure joy: the touch of a friend’s hand, a breakfast sandwich, a train that arrives right on time ...

    Queer Utopia in This Lifetime

    by Phoenix Danger


    A side effect of taking SSRIs can be the loss of your sex drive, but who says that’s a bad thing?

    Losing My Desire

    by Cassandra Leveille

    Mybuttmyrules featured

    As a teenager, Jayson Flores knew he didn’t want to do anal. But when cultural norms position you as a “gutter butt,” it can be hard to stand up for your sexual preferences.

    My Butt, My Rules

    by Jayson Flores

    Oncheating featured

    Is it ever okay to cheat? Perhaps the real question is: can you build something honest out of lies?

    The Last Time I Cheated

    by – Anonymous


    Stealth Care by Ruby Brunton

    What to Do with Stuff

    Declutter your life, says Marie Kondo. But when your things feel haunted by the energy of loved ones, that’s easier said than done.

    Lollapalooza19921 web

    Honoring Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell’s death, Tamryn Spruill remembers a moment they shared at Lollapalooza in 1992, and the many times his lyrics saved her life. 

    Till I’m Up On My Feet Again

    by Tamryn Spruill


    Chelsea Lets Her Hair Down It was her first day of freedom and she really did it up!

    Ironrange featureart
    Jptamang new

    Trade Secrets by J.P. Tamang

    Iron Range

    Not every small town redneck is a violent homophobe. In fact, some are quite the opposite.


    Sometimes masturbating means to read an erotic novella at your desk in a sterile office, senses on edge as grey passersby drone on about regulations and billing codes.

    Ditching My Vibrator for Bataille

    by Beatrice Loayza

    Queer Cafeteria
    Dan web

    Dan Knows Best by Dan Allegretto

    My Favorite Restaurants in New York City

    “My go-to sandwich is unconventional, just like me.”

    Alienintimacy3 web

    Making mistakes is a luxury many immigrant children feel they can’t afford. But how do you practice intimacy without the messy imperfection of being vulnerable?

    Alien Intimacies

    by Momtaza Mehri

    Featured 2

    Warming up for Crown Shy this Saturday we chatted with our performers about their biggest fears, what books they’re reading, and their favorite conspiracy theories


    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    May 2017

    Banners speak of becoming uncontrollable, but we already are.

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