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    The Carnal Issue
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    Hitting her favorite parties, dressed to the nines, Ada Banks captures the best LEWKS in Gotham.


    This month’s theme is LEWKS! Those signature style markers so definitively on, they have a life of their own.

    Saturday night, I took my camera out and got some flicks at Kayvon Zand’s Metropolis, one of my favorite parties in the city. The creative and supportive energy there is really special. The queens and club kids did not let me down!

    Ellory Celery, 20

    “My look tonight is Ronald McDonald’s step daughter on vacation in Reno. I get inspiration from pop culture, and John Waters. He’s my favorite person in the world, he really encourages people to use humor and irony in their work, and I kinda live by that.”

    IG: @ellorycelery

    Queercult, 19

    “I’m from Boston, I took a 5-hour bus ride to the city just to come to Gotham because I was craving the liberating, highly artistic atmosphere. I’m very inspired by any type of art: music, fashion, painting. I try to include those interests in my looks somehow.”

    IG: @queercult

    Bronwen, 19

    “I’m going for a leather daddy biker fantasy type look. I don’t know how I’d describe my style overall, I usually start with one piece and then build off that. Like with this look, I had the choker and I just styled around that.”

    IG: @wickerstorm

    Phallic Cunt, 21

    “A lot of my creative aesthetic in and out of drag is about juxtaposing masculinity and femininity in provocative ways. My drag name is Phallic Cunt, which is the essence of what I create visually. When people see me I want them to say: What is that?! And really take a moment to ponder gender and the beauty that comes from blurring gender binaries. My goal is always: I don’t want to look like a woman and I don’t want to look like a man. I’m also really inspired by pop art and like to incorporate a graphic style in my work. I make the majority of my own looks, I hand-dyed the fabric for this outfit, so its a very special piece for me. I was aiming to bring out a bit of a monster and give you some horror. A lot of people were shocked by this look and didn’t know how to respond, so I feel like I’ve succeeded with this look.”

    IG: @alecgunnarblunt


    “I’d say my style is old Hollywood glamour, meets contemporary New York mixed with black girl magic. I’m wearing a dress my aunt made, she’s a designer. I wanted the cut to be something simple because the fabric really speaks for itself, we made it backless for an elegant touch. I absolutely love jewelry and accessories, I was going for super glam tonight but I wanted to keep it playful so I did my hair in ponytails.”

    Marlin Steen, 19

    “Gossamer is the inspiration behind these shoulders, and Madonna’s ‘Erotica’ was where I was going with the body. I try to have an element of gender neutrality in all my looks and I think that’s a big contributor to my personal style.”

    IG: @gothornah

    Cecily, 28

    “I was going for a dreamy cloud-like look tonight, with a little S&M twist. My friend styled me and did my makeup, she’s making me her drag daughter. I have this giant plastic table cloth to add size to the look, plus its a good cover up for the train.”

    IG: @postghostmodern

    Borden, 19

    “My headpieces and face paint are usually the focus of my looks, this one I made from my drawing final for school. I get a lot of my ideas from horror movies of the 80s and 90s, especially representing the whole ‘final girl’ persona (the last woman alive to confront the killer/tell the story in horror films). I also draw inspiration from people in my life and a lot of different music.”

    IG: @im_borden

    Magdelena Femanon

    IG: @magdelenafemanon

    Pissy Pussy, 23

    “This look is inspired by the underworld. I wanted to create something from your nightmares and that’s kind of what came together at the end. I pull inspiration from a lot of sources but mostly in my head I just have crazy massive ideas swirling around constantly. That’s why my looks end up needing stilts, because I dream big.”

    IG: @Pisssy_pusssy

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