• The Celibacy Issue
    February 2016 #25
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    • On the Cover: They don't always want sex, sometimes they just want their school to burn down. Photo by Ronika McClain.

    • Sick Woman Theory Johanna Hedva's theory of resistance is for those were never meant to survive, but did.

    • Five times major award ceremonies were snubbed: here's to giving power the cold shoulder.

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    Table Of Contents


    Asexual romance novels break the mold, here are the must reads in the genre.

    Romance Novels without the Romance

    by Evelyn Deshane

    Unknown 2
    Macy Rodman
    Trouble baker feb 2016 cover
    Trouble baker

    Trouble Baker by trouble baker

    Romantic Dinner For Crew

    A recipe for roast chicken that's easy, impressive, and generously feeds everyone you love. Because dinner for two is boring anyway.

    Masque up feb 2016 cover
    Alesia web

    Masque Up by Alesia Pullins

    Learning Curves: A Skincare Guide

    Equal parts necessity and fun, here's how to create a routine that works for you.


    No Brow by Jaime Chu

    How to Hate the Internet

    Quitting social media is corny; you gotta figure out your own brand of internet hatred. Jaime Chu reviews Jarett Kobek’s new novel I Hate The Internet.

    Tumblr mcshk4s7hm1rrajnno1 1280

    Sink into the deep, dark hole of your own reflection; who are you without sex, without the evaluation of the meat market?

    Fuck No One, Get Nothing

    by Larissa Pham


    If you’ve never experienced TheRedPill, the sidebar description calls it a “discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.” If it sounds like the classic pick-up artist line with a culty personal development twist, that’s because it basically is.

    Swallowing /TheRedPill

    by Cynthia Spencer

    Love lockdown

    Stealth Care by Ruby Brunton

    Not Going the Distance

    When a fling makes you feel more than a full blown affair.

    Screen shot 2016 02 14 at 9.45.13 pm
    Fullsizerender (1)

    4ever Yung by yung costanza

    Dry Season

    What to do when your romantic life is in a rebuilding year.

    Ace feb 16

    Erika Delgado talks about some of the anxieties of navigating intimacy as an asexual woman.

    A Vague Misunderstanding

    by Erika Delgado

    122115 video bet breaks fetty wap x masika breaks fetty wap 2

    Fetty Wap and Kc Itohan have some quick insights on keeping away from booze.

    Six Strategies for Staying Sober

    by Kc Itohan

    Screen shot 2016 02 11 at 7.48.27 pm

    Pechiche Prohibido DJ Cremosa’s Not-So-Sweet Valentine’s Day mix just dropped and so will your jaw.

    Unspecified 1

    Inga Hensing shares her own sexual coming of age, when she knew she had to stop fucking that way.

    Choked Up

    by Inga Hensing

    Agbrown mask

    En Rogue by Alex G. Brown

    Bending Gender with Bowie

    The runway of Menswear Fall 2016 shows manifested a world that’s stripped fashion of its gender constraints.


    Three artists you should know: Alberto Hernández, Ro Garrido, Annie Mok share their style icons and how they deal with winter blues.

    Screen shot 2016 02 07 at 10.38.23 pm

    Feed Me by Anwar Batte

    Trend Forecast: The Coming Memesurrection

    When it comes to the future of memes, the possibilities are endless, and pretty fucking unsettling.


    Relationships take work, you know. Work that only you can do. By doing nothing.

    How to Break up When You’re Terrible at Breaking Up

    by Cynthia Spencer

    Screen shot 2016 02 06 at 2.05.03 pm
    Ash web

    This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

    Cops Set Fire to Street Vendor in Dhaka, Bangladesh After He Refused to Pay Bribe

    This week in ACAB: cops attack families occupying vacant housing in Rome; Molotov cocktails rain down on Greek police; cops set fire to Dhaka street vendor; US police kill over 90 people this year


    Sucka Free In Micah’s new music video, you get a tour of Oakland’s radical history of resistance and Black Power.

    Gentrification featureart2

    The current war between community and developers is like another Bronx is Burning. Effective collective action abounds on the front lines of gentrification in the Northern borough.

    On the Front Lines of Gentrification

    by Katherine White

    Sofia breakup 002

    Some people require space when they breakup with someone, but that’s not how this one went.

    Living with My Ex-Girlfriend

    by Sofie Mikhaylova


    Keerat Kaur draws from Indic philosophies of space and memory, and constructs her own version of Sikh women’s self-knowledge and storytelling.


    Back from the Brink Playlist Death row inmate Keith Lamar (Bomani Shakur) went on hunger strike to protect his favorite albums.

    Moon Ribas and Neil Harbisson
    Screen shot 2016 01 31 at 4.56.29 pm
    Screen shot 2017 04 13 at 11.17.59 pm

    Letters by Ripley Soprano

    Not Doing It

    This is The Celibacy Issue where we realize we never did The Sex Issue because we’d rather talk about not-sex.

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