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    By the time I got into the Mission district, things had already been going for some time. On Mission Street, people were throwing bottles at a vacant cell phone store, busting out the windows. The crowd was massive and, for the most part, very intoxicated. Most were decked in Giants gear, and many appeared to be in their early to mid-20s.

    Mayhem in the Mission District

    by Doug Gilbert


    A Riot By Any Other Name – SF Giants win the World Series, the Mission District goes hard.


    I wasn’t sure what I had agreed to, but I would have followed Krish almost anywhere. He taught me that when a client leaves their cash in their car they probably don’t have any and that it’s more dangerous to steal from other hookers than it is to steal from johns. He taught me that intuition wasn’t something with which you were born, or could even develop, but that it was a symptom of getting yourself into stupid situations.

    Learning the Hard Way

    by J.P. Tamang

    Chrisalley web

    90s Babies Rap by Christopher Alley

    Straight-up Old School Rappity Rap

    Next up in our series about some of the most notable 90s rap babies of the moment is Joey Bada$$.

    Theory web

    More Normaler – Just what do we call the retail industry's capitalization on normality? Is it a new normal if it already was?

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    Dan web

    Dan Knows Best by Dan Allegretto

    In General, I Could Probably Lighten up a Little Bit

    Dan Allegretto chronicles what he learned this month regarding staying sane in a claustrophobic city of socialites, dating apps, and dissatisfaction.

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    Yamamoto web

    Rave on the Runways. Here are some designers that have been playing with pop culture silliness and rave culture in last year's designs.

    Cover web

    While covering the unrest in Ferguson following the death of Michael Brown, I was asked if I’d be willing to appear on radio or TV. Events were unfolding so quickly that media outlets were looking for anyone and everyone to go on camera and talk about what was happening there. I was happy to oblige, despite having never been interviewed by anyone other than small town radio hosts. Never did I think my agreement would mean an appearance on Fox, but that’s exactly what happened.

    My Fox News Addiction

    by Justin Glawe

    Vince staples
    Chrisalley web

    90s Babies Rap by Christopher Alley

    90s Babies Rap: Vince Staples

    New technology's got us lousy with promising MCs barely over (often under) the drinking age. For those not keyed into rap's latest come-ups, we present a series introducing the most notable 90s babies of the moment, starting with Vince Staples.

    Screen shot 2016 05 31 at 4.06.10 pm

    Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

    3D-printed Grills, ISIS babies, and the GOP's Fake Homophobia

    Well, I'm back. Had to take the bench while the internet made pumpkin spice jokes about basic bitches for two months. The internet has had things happen on it lately. Many things. Music. Politics. Companies encouraging women to freeze their eggs and keep working. You know, the usual.

    Arianna gil3 web
    Arianna Gil
    Lipsmacker web

    It's that awkward summer/fall season. A playlist to guide you through the sips of achingly cold horchata as you're drawing out those last warm days.

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    Letters by Hanna Hurr

    What it Takes to Change

    This is The Contextual Issue, in which we focus on books and literature and people who do interesting things in the world of texts, theory, writing, and reading.

    October horoscope image mask mag

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    October 2014

    The major event of this month is the eclipses. Eclipses heighten emotions and set the stage for dramatic endings and beginnings, surprises and sudden revelations.

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