• The Crossing Paths Issue

    The April To-Do List

    The Crossing Paths Issue
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    The April To-Do List

    Keep your April calendar packed with shows, talks, and readings.

    Events and Parties

    The incomparable CeCe McDonald will be making an appearance at NYU on April 14 to discuss black trans experience and the prison industrial complex. If you haven’t seen her speak, this is your chance! (Little-known-fact: Mask founders Hanna and Tyler met while organizing a fundraiser for CeCe’s legal support fund in Minneapolis.)

    Don’t miss Jamaica Kincaid speak at Barnard College in Harlem on Caribbean Feminisms with debut novelist Tiphanie Yanique on April 16. Brooklyn Museum brings us this awesome poetry reading in honor of the late Jean-Michel Basquiat and their new exhibit of his unknown notebooks on the 16 as well. Sorry, you’re gonna have to pick your battles that day.  

    Theorizing the Web released its program for next week’s conference including panel discussions on the political economy of networked policing, disrupting NSA surveillance, digital construction of victimhood, and more. TTW goes from April 17 to 18 and is located at ICP Bowery in Manhattan. 

    This weekend also coincides with the NYC Anarchist Book Fair, held at Judson Memorial Church on Saturday April 18. If you’ve been eyeing your friend’s collection of obscure radical literature from small book presses around the country, the book fair is a good place to find those books. In addition to Saturday’s book fair, there are events all weekend, from a presentation by CrimethInc. at The Base to a celebration of the 25th anniversary of AK Press at Bluestockings Bookstore. Check out the Facebook event for details.

    The ever-evolving Witches of Bushwick is hosting an Artist Residency Exhibition which opened at Stream Gallery in Bushwick on April 2 and is ongoing until April 26. You still have the chance to see original art, video installations, and performances by resident artists Jesse Moretti, Monica Mirabile, The House of ia, and Meriem Bennani. Check the Facebook event for schedule and details.

    AZUCAR! presents this tribute party to celebrate femmespiration Selena’s birthday on April 17 with performances from IZLA, Shomi Noise, False Witness, and Nire. Come through.

    Mark your calendars for May, though: Ghe20 G0th1k gets cozy at Brooklyn Bazar. Ok. Afrofuturist conference. Gotcha. Twin artist duo Oshun is playing in Brooklyn. Alright! 


    I can’t wait to have bloody dreams about eating horse hearts and effortlessly slitting people’s throats for months following the premiere of the new season of Game of Thrones. Are you into it? Are you ready? If you missed the premiere last night, log off right now and go watch it before the internet spoils it for you. If you’re into that sort of thing, start with the trailer:


    If you want to pretend like you are happy, you can listen to this new track “1-2-3-4” by Samantha Urbani with horns and piano arrangements from Dev Hynes. 

    Peep this tropical bass and dancehall mix “Pussy This, Pussy That” by Elosi making you remember those middle school dance vibes (in the best way possible). 

    ICYMI: False Witness dropped this unofficial remix of Arca’s “Xen” which is eerie and unsettling as can be expected. Prepare for the alien abduction, have a fucking anxiety attack, see if we care. 

    I’ll save the Carceral Studies analysis for someone else but you gotta check out  DaCuntender CK 13’s “Oh My God (Call Security)”, the vogue beat track that’s making the rounds this month. 

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