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    Follow Strapped Sistas for Photos of Badass Women with Guns

    The Crossing Paths Issue
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    Strapped Sistas

    Sure, International Women’s Day has come and gone. But thanks to the mastermind(s) behind Strapped Sistas, it’s now just a little bit easier to continue celebrating badass women year-round. *Jim Jones voice* Laydeeeeez!

    Strapped Sistas is a Facebook page that’s been posting a steady stream of photos of “w.o.c. who stay strapped” since December. In the face of widespread agitation against racist femicide and transmisogyny, now’s as good a time as any to customize your disconnect and bring your idle web-surfing habits in line with a burgeoning political zeitgeist. The page comes especially recommended for: angry femmes, history buffs, gun enthusiasts (duh), concert promoters looking for flyer backgrounds, anyone bored of watching people lie down in the street, and more!

    If you want, you can use the page to test your knowledge: from women who participated in the Mexican revolution or joined the Black Panther Party in the past, to Nigerian women fighting Boko Haram and village defense committees of Kashmir today, the pictures are windows into gun culture across time and space, and they come with, uh, widely varying amounts of contextual information, so you can explore as little or as much as you like.

    Yep. Yeah. Great. Awesome! Sweet. If you’ve got some favorite women warriors of your own to share, the page accepts submissions – shoot them a Facebook message. (And ask them to get on Tumblr or Twitter or something while you’re at it.)

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