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    The Cyborgoisie Issue
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    Everything you need to know about the Earth opening up and swallowing your planets or the other way around.


    Corina Dross is an artist, astrologer, and rabble-rouser best known for her illustrated card deck, Portable Fortitude. Based out of Philadelphia for the last ten years, she’s currently splitting her time between the East Coast and the Northwest.

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    Illustration by Josie Mosser.


    July 2014

    Now comes the drowsy, ripe, sticky height of summer, and if you’ve been sleeping under a roof every night you’re missing out. But even stretched under the stars, homebodies and wanderers alike may be struck by that homesickness which persists no matter where we are, or where we could be. There is always someone missing who should be here, there is always the feeling that we have not fully arrived or may not get to stay too long. Whether we’re lingering in the garden or building twig cottages near the edge of some railroad track, we may be struck all at once by that collective yearning for a loved one’s voice calling us in at dusk for dinner, for bright lights indoors as the darkness deepens.

    With a mess of planets in Cancer this month (including Jupiter’s last hurrah here before it moves into Leo on July 16th), this is a moment for gathering ourselves back together after the intensity of the last few months. Wherever we call home, now is the time to reflect on how well it feeds us. Do we feel we belong here, or anywhere? Who is our chosen family? Are we taking care of one another? Are we so heartbroken that we refuse to let any place enfold us? Are we putting up with conditions that poison us? As Cancer’s energy circles around, indirectly, these questions will come up in several ways.

    And while we take a moment to luxuriate in the lushness of the season, not all the fireworks of the summer are over. Some of us may opt out and curl up with someone sweet, listening to their breath as other sounds fade into the background. The rest of us will be drawn into a few more spectacular displays, beginning on the 4th, as the annual celebration of nationhood coincides with the Sun’s exact opposition to Pluto. This brief but fiery transit will spotlight our oppositional relationship to power and institutionalized violence (ruled by Pluto). It’s a good day for public, symbolic acts of resistance, but remember: with the Sun involved anything clandestine may end up exposed. A few more intense days will include the 8th and the 18th as the Sun squares off with Uranus (upheaval! revolution!) and Mars (fight club!). And we’ll see a merry gang of planets tromping through Cancer, dancing across from Pluto and offering us a few different angles on common strength (Cancer) vs. the dehumanizing system (Pluto in Capricorn). Finally, Mars will finally careen away from Libra and into Scorpio on the 27th, bringing with it an intensification of the Plutonic themes: Digging a little deeper; passion as transformation. Skillful, courageous acts of reconnection. Stimulating our emotional intelligence.

    With that in mind, use your native intelligence in reading these horoscopes, and take only what resonates. Horoscopes are never as precise as a personal reading, but you can triangulate a rough idea of your location by reading your rising sign first, followed by your sun and moon signs.

    “For it seems that everything hides us.
    Look: trees do exist; the houses that we live in still stand.
    We alone fly past all things, as fugitive as the wind.
    And all things conspire to keep silent about us, half out of shame perhaps, half as unutterable hope.”

    Rainer Maria Rilke, from the second Duino Elegy


    There are moments when the wild bounty of life spills out at your feet, drenching your surprised senses. Between these moments, there are long stretches of just getting by. There is so much you’re trying to manage right now that you run the risk of not noticing one of these glorious moments lined up to greet you. Is there a thing that’s the opposite of an umbrella? You’ll need one, or something similar to implement when the time is right. Keep your eyes open, meanwhile, for unexpected sources of richness and adventure.


    Making do with less is your motto right now, and there is much to be said in praise of this skill. Real freedom often feels this way – clean and bare, like facing a hard wind and slicing through it. There is even a sensual pleasure in the knifelike quality of cutting away extraneous layers that could drag you down like a waterlogged petticoat. But this month some long-buried passion is calling to you like a siren or a lighthouse, sweeping over and through you, beckoning you to a distant harbor. Can you muster your resources to respond to this call, or must you keep facing the wind?


    All is right with your world when you have enough information to keep you tapped into the spinning matrix of reality, but this month those vital messages are coming through on an unfamiliar wavelength. To help you tune into it, here are some riddles for you: how are the physical and the emotional world connected? Where are the intersections between matter and feeling? If one must be practical, does that mean narrowing one’s focus or expanding it? What could be gained by learning a non-verbal language?


    The good news is this will be an easy month to feel recognized, appreciated, and even adored. You are in a period of tremendous activity, but you’ll have the support you need to bring to life all the weird impulses and secret longings you’re working with. Lap up the attention: insist on sleeping in the middle during any threesomes, demand foot rubs, and accept those crush notes graciously. The bad news? This much focus could have the effect of a funhouse mirror, distorting your sense of where you begin and end, prompting an identity crisis or a codependent nightmare. Keep checking in with friends who can reflect you accurately. And enjoy the ride!


    You are gifted with a strange and powerful imagination. At times it may be difficult to discern if your world and the people who inhabit it are as magical as they seem, or if you have cast an enchantment over everything you touch, demanding that even your wrenches and dish sponge take on an aura of mystery and great purpose. This month, be prepared for revelations, as a light shines into those dark areas of your heart where all these stories germinate. Reality and projections may flicker like a zoetrope. The point isn’t to align yourself with one final version of the truth, but to notice the different stories playing out, and maybe refine a few of your mythologies.


    Okay, this isn’t always the answer, but this month it is: keep moving. As long as you’re in motion you won’t be brooding. Short trips are best, but long trips with many stops are fine. If you can’t leave town, devise an unusual orbit for your daily activities. Visit a different friend every night. Read books while walking (you can look up now and then, between chapters). Pace as you cook dinner. Dance as much as possible. Build a map of meaningful activities that connect you from points A to B to C, as long as these are actual places. Astral journeys and planning trips on Google maps don’t count.


    Midway through this month the unruly visitor Mars will finally leave your sign, less like a thief in the night and more like a hungover guest in the morning, stumbling over coats and bottles on the way to the door. I imagine that as you gratefully smooth down the ruffled edges of your life you may also be aware of an absence. How can you fill that silence with something vibrant, raucous, raunchy, or combative – something drawn from your own disowned darker side?


    I’d like you to imagine, for a moment, that you are a migrating goose. At a certain point, obeying impulses you cannot verbally defend, you lift up from the ground and watch every familiar field and pond fall away and dwindle, becoming a miniature world. In the expanded sky, you feel larger. Responsibilities feel smaller. But most importantly, you’re not alone; you’re part of a skein. There is a rhythm of weaving in and out, from the front to the back of the formation, making sure none of you lag too far behind. This month, you will need this expansion and you will need your crew. Don’t sacrifice one for the sake of the other.


    You can never have enough of what you don’t need, they say. But figuring out the things you do need can be tricky. It’s tempting to throw away anything a little outdated or a little disjointed in the belief that being completely empty is the best way for the world to rush in and fill you. Sometimes this is an effective, though risky, strategy. Sometimes it’s just foolishness. Right now, you’re aware most keenly of what you don’t have and how that longing is so strong it’s almost an entity in its own right. Imagine it is possible to get exactly what you need in this moment – not just what you want. What would it really look like? What would you have to change?


    There’s a saying about Capricorns, that they are born old and gradually grow younger. A few Capricorns I know bristle at the thought of de-maturing, but the point isn’t to lose your hard-earned capabilities, it’s to expand your capacity for spontaneous, enriching experiences – what the pointy-headed academics call “deep play.” As J. Huizinga writes, “The play-mood is one of rapture and enthusiasm, and is sacred or festive in accordance with the occasion. A feeling of exaltation and tension accompanies the action.” This month you’ll be offered a number of opportunities to indulge in these states of concentrated rapture. I recommend accepting at least one offer.


    Even when you delight in breaking them, you’re well aware of social norms. You may defy them with every breath in your body, but this can keep you more engaged in their logic than if you simply let them go. This month, notice where you feel the most pull to oppose an element of our shared culture: is it the beauty myth? Western individualized subjectivity? Gender normativity? Wherever you see yourself mounting a counterattack, take a moment to imagine an environment in which this polarity would dissolve. Yes, it’s a utopian parlor trick, but it’s worth learning.


    Caught in the net of watery energy this month, it’s a good idea to find somewhere where at least your toes can touch bottom. As so many planets converge in the water signs, including Neptune in your own sign, you may be tugged along with them if you don’t hold on to something. This means: take a break from habits that make you float. These include drug and alcohol use, but also romantic daydreams, meditation, and staring at screens. Minimize these however you can, while channeling those desires into anything physical: Play more music. Make food or art for a crush. Write with a pencil on paper. Take long, meandering walks. And even if you hit bottom, emotionally, feel that gravity pulling you down as a form of love.

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