• The Cyborgoisie Issue
    The Cyborgoisie Issue


    New Music Video from Allie X

    L.A. singer/song-writer Allie X has released a new music video for BITCH. This song brings us back to the witch house craze of 2012, but the way she channels singers like Lana Del Rey and Mø (woo woo!) makes it feel very fresh.

    Directed by Jungle George, the video is set in a grocery store, with familiar imagery turned ghostly and playful through filters, cuts, and special effects. Goth + Wes Anderson is always well-executed in the hands of young women.

    The video also launches "#Xhibit1" – an experiment in fan-produced content. Listeners are encouraged to create a video, image, GIF or remix inspired by BITCH, tag it #bitchXart and Allie X will then repost it.

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