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    The Demo Tape Issue

    Mayflies on the Mississippi River

    Every Relationship is a Long Distance Relationship

    A Playlist for the Sentimental

    Now, absence can exist only as a consequence of the other: it is the other who leaves, it is I who remain. The other is in a condition of perpetual departure, of journeying; the other is, by vocation, migrant, fugitive; I — I who love, by converse vocation, am sedentary, motionless, at hand, in expectation, nailed to the spot, in suspense — like a package in some forgotten corner of a railway station.
    — Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse

    Valentine’s Day often divides the populace into three groups: those who give determined shout outs to their significant other on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, (and maybe LinkedIn for good measure), those who complain about the first group but only because they are bitter and lonely, and those who spend the whole day rolling their eyes at the first two groups. Granted, this is a gross overgeneralization and I’ll be the first to admit I fall into the “lonely” category. But when I see relationships comprised of missed connections, I can’t help but think that more of us are in the “lonely” category than we’d like to admit. It can be nice to pretend though.

    Whether you’re dreaming of finding someone who gets you, missing a loved one far away, or feeling a little misunderstood lying next to your boo, here’s a playlist to keep you company.

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