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    Beneath the Runway, the Paving Stones

    Streetwear Inspiration for 2014

    It’s New York Fashion Week everywhere – both for our various feeds and IRL. A timely runway show is always interesting, but is especially so now. After all, the boundaries between high fashion and streetwear are blurrier than ever – just look at Hood By Air, Marco Marco, Good by Music, or DKNY.

    The brands that inspire us tend to breathe lifestyle more than style. We’re always looking for brands that attempt to harness a persistent antagonist ethos more than an individual look. It’s a good time for us to be looking, since the streetwear brands that excite us are on point, blending and banding together, rather than trying to stand out and above the masses.

    Staples That Bring It

    Like some kind of strange compulsion, we are always looking for better basics.

    The way we see it, Actual Pain moved the whole fashion industry when they elevated goth grunge, death, and black magic. Before Urban Outfitters and H&M were playing with occult pyramids and grim reapers, Actual Pain was slinging tees that have since become classics – as if lifting woodcuts from old tarot cards and spell books and passing them through analog Xerox distortions could somehow put a curse on this world.

    Montreal-based Raised by Wolves has been upping their game lately. We first spotted them when we were on a mad Pierre Clastres kick, and since then they’ve been throwing down collaboration after collaboration with the likes of Mishka, Quintin, Ebbets Field, Actual Pain, and others.

    Originally from San Francisco, Black Scale has grown large over the past five years. They are known for their high-contrast graphics, and themes surrounding religion, identity, and death. Their latest collection is dark as fuck.

    Freak City has this weird “NU” ghetto look. If you wanna freeze your ass to death in style, check out their couture jerseys. Yeah, it’s a legit brand an all, but they also have a club and art space where you can catch acts and cameos like Peaches, Diplo, Kreayshawn, RiFF RAFF, and M.I.A.

    And oh, can we just say +Fresh.i.Am+ and New Regime? We see you.

    Waste More Time on Tumblr

    I Love Ugly Blog – a curated selection of minimalist fashion, street wear, balaclavas, and art.

    The Streetfashion Bible fills up our dashboard at 4:00 AM with a bunch of head-up-your-ass “wearable” street couture like flowing bandana aprons and kneepads. We haven’t unfollowed them because, well, guilty pleasures.

    Street Etiquette ... yeah they get played up everywhere, but you can’t deny it.

    So go out there (we mean the internet) and be somebody. Happy fashion week.

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