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    You can find Kids with Krowns on Instagram, Facebook, or buy their t-shirts on nolafitted.com.

    Harold Hernandez

    Kids with Krowns in the Instagram Spotlight

    Last summer we spent a week in New Orleans, catching up with friends and drinking daiquiris. We met Harold Hernandez at a bounce show one night. He told us about his streetwear brand Kids with Krowns, opened his bag and pulled out a dozen of his screen-printed tees and embroidered hats.

    How did you end up running a streetwear brand?

    I took the first steps to start my own brand at a young age. Back then, all I knew was that I wanted to wear my own designs. There wasn’t anything behind what I was doing besides ambition.

    In middle school, I produced two lines that never became anything. I designed the logos by hand, brought them into local embroidery and print shops and they did the rest. I wore my creations and tried my best as a salesman. Years later, after starting and stopping numerous other lines, I now know how I want things to run.

    What are your influences?

    Kids with Krowns is inspired by the kids I grind with everyday in the big and restless city of New Orleans. This isn’t exactly the place where you want to try your hand at life, but with big risk comes big reward. As a NOLA native I wouldn’t have chosen any other place to start my dream business. NOLA has a very strong street art movement – you find so many great artists collaborating with locals here.

    Can you explain your creative process?

    Kids with Krowns is the story of people striving to be the best at what they do. This brand shows the world through my eyes so each design has a meaning behind it and each shirt is a showcase of my screen printing skills. I didn’t ask another designer to develop something for me and I didn’t call the screen printer to ask when my order was done.

    These days, anyone with the right amount of money can get anything they want made. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it takes the purity away. As I set up my table or open my book bag, I am ready to critique my own work and break down the similarities and differences in styles and ideas of my designs. 

    We first met you outside a bounce show in New Orleans. Is this how people tend to find out about you?

    I pop up my table wherever I want, I put together my clothes rack, I arrange my designs and then sit back ready to share my story with you. Since I’m on the street, everyone is welcome. 

    No, I’m not out there with billboards and a megaphone. I’m out there with a dream and a purpose. My purpose is to sharpen my skills as an artist and as an entrepreneur. I want the “cell phone faces” to look up for a second — you never know when you might run into some one-of-a-kind pieces of art!

    There are movements going on all over the world. My movement is titled KwK and it’s a street gallery open during the hour of the hustler. So if you find yourself walking on the streets of NOLA and you see the 2 K’s and the Krown, come and see what I have to say. If you don’t see the table, rest assured I’m out there with the book bag full of merch…ya heard me?

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