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    Listen to Kilbourne’s Fearless EP “Sourland”

    The Depravity Issue
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    Art by Yulan Grant

    Listen to Kilbourne’s Fearless EP “Sourland”

    ICYMI: Kilbourne released her EP “Sourland” yesterday. The EP by KUNQ-affiliated producer and DJ, is heavily inspired by hardstyle, gabber, and hardcore (if you don’t know, Ashe Kilbourne also sings in a hardcore band called Cicada). In her interview with Thump’s Alexander Iadarola accompanying the exclusive release, she speaks about the origins of the EP, the limits of accountability models in adequately addressing harassment and other forms of violence, and how she navigates being a white artist making Philly and Jersey club music. As always in Kilbourne’s work, “Sourland” invokes visceral vulnerability, and unstable, even volatile notions of femme-ness, throwing a giant fuck you back at a world that violates trans women and their bodies every day. Kilbourne’s fearless sounds are equally matched by her commitment to building autonomy for women in music.

    In our interview with Ashe last year, she said:

    “...part of my work is trying to venerate women’s voices and expose that they are being stripped of their autonomy. I try to be intentional about placing women’s voices in positions of power within my music.”

    Give “Sourland” a listen:

    Follow Kilbourne on Twitter, Instagram, and Bandcamp.

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