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    Junglepussy Drops Music Video for “Now or Later”

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    Junglepussy now or later

    Junglepussy Drops Music Video for “Now or Later”

    “Steez like the breeze of the West Indies”

    Whenever Junglepussy releases a new music video, we’re glued to the screen. Yesterday, she released a music video for “Now or Later” off her album forthcoming this fall, aptly titled Pregnant with Success.

    When you’re on the up as an artist, especially as a black female rapper, it must be so weird to deal with the commodification of your prowess and beauty. On the web, there’s no barrier between your professional career and brand, and the “real” you with your real friendships and interests. Chopping kale and beets, she raps “Is you fucking with me now? / Is you fucking with me never? / Is you really fucking with me maybe? / Am I running through your mind on the daily?” and it’s deliberately ambiguous what kind of fucking we’re talking about here. Fuck with her, because if you don’t know her now you’ll know her eventually. But also, oh you better not be fucking with me. And, are you still coming over tonight?

    With each release, Junglepussy reminds us of the sheer force of her talent. We’re in, we’re sold, we fuck with her.

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