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    May 2014 #4
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    Burgermoney web

    Student debt in this country is so insane that it seems no news can shock us anymore. But this news made me choke on my coffee and pierced my indifference.

    Sexdroughtcover 1

    Haven’t gotten laid since the last census? Laugh and commiserate with the story of this lady’s sex drought as you bite your nails till they bleed.

    Like Fingernails Down a Chalkboard

    by Erica Christina


    Spontaneous street parties are fun, but sometimes (all the time) the cops ruin the fun. Here are a few ways to stay safer while playing dangerously.


    Watch: 11 year old ACABs Brazilian police car. And by that I mean watch over and over all Memorial day.

    Jm compositionanxiety web

    Telling your roommate to be more quiet. Taking a phone call from someone who's mad at you. Feeling like you've failed. These things are uncomfortable for everyone, but for some they trigger anxiety attacks to the point of near paralysis. Read a personal story of growing up with recurring anxiety attacks, and ways to cope.

    Don’t Tell Me to Calm Down – Inside the Cycle of Panic

    by Laura Marie Marciano


    Bushwick's fashion designers on display: nugoth, cyberpunk, anime, industrial techno and PVC are in and they’re doing it.


    If you haven’t already heard the news about 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, who apparently opened fire throughout suburban Santa Barbara last night, killing 7 and wounding many others, brace yourself for a tragic and unsettling scene.

    A Society in Orbit around Misogyny

    by Tyler Reinhard and Hanna Hurr


    The Finnish sauna is a mysterious cultural phenomenon. How can people of all ages and genders be naked and sweaty together without it getting weird?

    The Sacred Steam Room

    by Esko Suoranta

    Mia double bubble

    What do 3-D printing, AK-47s, and pop have in common? M.I.A.’s new music video.

    Without you the knife

    Watch: New Music Video from The Knife features “Without You My Life Would Be Boring”, an ordinary scene from a life in the waiting room.

    Papas fritas

    $500 million in student debt burned to ashes by Chilean artist “Papas Fritas” during student takeover of Universidad del Mar.


    Beyoncé and Jay Z release fake heist film trailer because they don’t have the guts to really knock one off.


    Watch: PBS’s Cosmos to discover how rare our planet is. Scientists still in the dark about why no one cares about it.

    Bronx pig

    An abstract malaise had come to preoccupy me as I have seen it consume countless others surviving in this pressure-cooker. For some it manifests as desperation; for others, a gut resistance to settling down.

    New York I Love You; or, Wisdom Under Duress

    by Natasha Young


    Listen: Sylvan Esso a new electro-pop group debuts 35 minute album for spring tour. Don’t miss this pair.


    Survey: Would you throw down for your phone? 68% of participants say yes. What would you do if someone swiped your baby?

    Twitter article

    We asked our Twitter pilot to write a guide to setting up an account. He gave us this comprehensive walkthrough that should make it easy. Don't be intimidated any more: we're waiting for you!

    Start from Nothing: Twitter for Beginners

    by Tyler Reinhard


    Collab: True Detective x Family Circus — you'll probably just have to see it to understand why this is so cool. Not spoilerish.


    Cute punks model for VANS in mini-series on the East Los backyard scene. No “Beyond the Screams,” but it sure beats not doing anything else anyway.

    Horoscopes web

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    May 2014

    We get to breathe more freely this month as the grand cross eases off, but there are more fireworks on the way. This month’s horoscopes take a closer look at our intimacies, sexual and otherwise. Take what you need, cut the rest into tiny ribbons and rearrange them till they’re of some use.


    People are celebrating May Day all around the world. We'll be posting updates about the protests for as long as we're able to stay awake.

    May Day All around the World

    by Hanna Hurr and Tyler Reinhard

    Manner of speaking

    Letters by Hanna Hurr

    A Manner of Speaking

    Today, few social formations seem as trite as "etiquette". Formerly a bottleneck to the upper socialite, arbitrary rules and mannerisms are like relics from a dying era. “Who cares whether the silverware matches? Or who should be introduced to whom?” We might say, scooping leftover pasta from an old yogurt container directly into our mouths.

    Juggalos carlos2

    After the FBI classified fans of the band ICP, or juggalos, a “hybrid-gang” in 2011, police repression has gotten much worse for members of the subculture. We sent Doug Lyfe to faygolovers.net to find out what's changed there since.

    Juggalos Have It Harder than You Think

    by Doug Gilbert

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