• The Etiquette Issue
    The Etiquette Issue


    Time is a Flat Circus

    The Wisdom of True Detective for the Whole Family

    So, True Detective caught you in its wild spell of southern gothic whimsy and strangely seductive existential nihilism? Yeah, me too. I just want to watch it all of the time. Having already binge-watched the entire series, not being able to watch new episodes is just something I have to deal with now. And here I was, going about my lazy Sunday doing just that when this Tumblr fell into my lap like a meteor with fossils on it. Really shook me up. I'm not about to get in its way, so here goes:




    God, I just want to put all of them into this article, but I'll spare you the redundancy. Just go check out the site: Time is a Flat Circus.

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