• The Etiquette Issue
    The Etiquette Issue

    Photograph of May Day protest in Chile, 2012, by Kyle Anthony.

    May Day All around the World

    May Day is the shit. Mostly because it’s a day to celebrate not working. At Mask HQ all we do is work, but we’re taking it easy today to observe. Since we're constantly plugged in anyways, we thought we’d keep a running list of notable peaks in todays events around the world.

    North America


    2:29:04 AM EST Crowds dwindling at Pine and Broadway. At least two more arrests.

    2:05:34 AM EST Riot cops clearing the intersection. "Move back! Move back!" lol.

    2:03:14 AM EST Official number: 7 arrests.

    1:59:07 AM EST Standoff and several arrests. Fire Dept putting out fires.

    1:54:39 AM EST Reports of police moving in. Livestreams down, which tends to happen right before the pepper spray comes out.

    1:41:01 AM EST Fire is back on. Garbage cans, pieces of wood, street signs.

    1:40:16 AM EST Partiers attempting to set another fire.

    1:38:01 AM EST SPD smothers fire. Reports of protesters tossing bricks.

    1:36:13 AM EST Cops riding in on broadway. Flashbangs, "Move back!".

    1:33:24 AM EST Bonfire growing at the party.

    1:25:14 AM EST Garbage being set on fire at Pine and Broadway.

    1:04:38 AM EST Police "taking debris" from the crowd.

    1:01:40 AM EST Reports of a standoff with SPD, as they attempt to kettle the street party.

    12:51:05 AM EST SPD claims they won't allow protesters back downtown.

    12:46:00 AM EST Seems like the march is not moving anymore and turning into a street party near Pine/Broadway.

    12:42:35 AM EST Helicopter live feed.

    12:39:32 AM EST Fireworks and spray paint via Q13.

    12:13:25 AM EST The march heads towards Capitol Hill.

    12:03:43 AM EST Reports of anarchists changing into suits and ties.

    11:49:16 PM EST Before the demonstration started, posters, spray-painted threats and even an effigy of a police officer set ablaze via Q13.

    8:09 PM EST Thousands march in Seattle for immigrant rights. Heavy police presence as city braces for anti-capitalist trouble later on. Seattle pi


    1:04:00 PM EST Police blocked the labor march as soon as it left Union Park, via @OccupyChicago.

    11:03 AM EST - 50+ people gathering at 18th and Damen, via @ChicagoRADicals.


    Los Angeles


    8:22 PM EST Anti-capitalist demonstration declared illegal. Montreal Gazette

    8:17 PM EST Police tries to stop protest, a couple of people arrested, but march continues downtown, via @aaronlakoff and @JaggiMontreal.

    4:03 PM EST The cops have detained the Montreal Anarchist Marching Band in the metro, via @JaggiMontreal.

    New York City

    4:06 PM EST Thousands march down Broadway, via @OccupyWallStreet.

    10:47 AM EST Reports that NYU has been occupied, via @seedyunderbelly.


    14:00 PM EST Anarchists burn Mexican flag at a mall.

    San Francisco

    9:48:13 PM EST 4 Confirmed arrests at 16th and Mission, via @MattKellegrew.

    9:42 PM EST Police and anarchist standoff at 16 and Mission, via @PinkXEdge.

    South America

    Santiago, Chile

    8:36 PM EST Before the end of the demonstration, 40 were arrested and 20 injured. Notimérica


    Turin, Italy

    Helsinki, Finland

    Helsinki police detained at least ten anarchists before a planned march through the city centre. YLE

    Barcelona, Spain

    Tens of thousands march against poverty in Barcelona.

    Berlin, Germany

    Dortmund, Germany

    6:13 AM EST Police clashes with antifa protesters against Nazi march, via @enough 14.

    Hamburg, Germany

    Rome, Italy

    Protesters clash with police. Youtube.

    Sorta Halfway Between Europe and Asia

    Istanbul, Turkey

    2:24:20 PM EST The Guardian publishes a decent collection of photos you can find it here.

    Riot police in Turkey used tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators defying the ban on protests on Istanbul's central Taksim Square. BBC

    Reports of up to 40,000 police on the streets of Istanbul, via @oemoral.

    Protest escalates with tear gas, flames. 40 hospitalized, 160 detained, via @syndicalisms.

    Gaza, Palestine



    Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Hundreds of garment workers and opposition party supporters gathered in central Phnom Penh for a Labor Day rally. Police armed with sticks and batons forcibly dispersed dozens of protesters and several people were injured. Global Post, Phnom Penh Post.

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