• The Fling Issue
    July 2015 #18
    Cover bbymutha test
    • on the cover tennessee’s rap queen bbymutha. Read our full interview with her.

    • non-residency is fragile shruti iyer on feminism, friendship, and sisterhood as alien-adaptation. read more.

    • the poetics of injury tiana reid talked to migrant workers in canada about their disposability in the eyes of the law. read more.

    • write for us july marks “the fling issue”. read our call for submissions.

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    Table Of Contents

    Megabus web

    “We met outside the revolutionary theory reading group.” A fling across state lines, long bus rides, cemeteries, and Ariana Reines.

    Heart of the Lion

    by Sarah Rupp


    Milfstential Crises by bbmilf666 _

    Cuffed By Chlamydia

    My relationship started from a right swipe on Tinder. After just a couple of weeks, we were sleeping with each other without protection. It was poor judgement – and it came with consequences.

    Palm desert cover

    A slow-burn romance on a steamy roadtrip through the Californian desert. An indebted friend and a Range Rover stuffed with weed. A 25-hour drive and all their problems will be solved.

    Palm Desert

    by Alex MF Quicho

    Holyghost cover

    We tend to underestimate how much of our childhood we carry with us in the day-to-day, not to mention deeper inheritances like religion and age-old superstition. Allison Stone digs into the occult undercurrents of her upbringing, and finds arcane skeletons and ghosts.

    Holy Ghost

    by Allison Stone

    Police violence
    Ash web

    This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

    Repression Abounds

    This week in acab: Cincinnati police try their best to repress riots, and more stories of police fuckery.

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    Ash web

    This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

    Do Not Listen to Them

    this week in acab: This week in ACAB, challenging authority can get you killed. And this applies to 5-O around the world, from Texas to Turkey.


    "If private sex is about losing oneself in the moment, public sex is about finding oneself there." Hannah Gold on liminal space, exes, and that odd line between public fucks and private ones.

    Sex in Public

    by Hannah K. Gold

    Bbymutha cover interview
    Img 0258
    Xena Ellison
    Screen shot 2015 07 19 at 1.38.18 pm
    Ash web

    This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

    Cops Lie

    this week in acab: cops are liers, get used to it. ash jegroo brings you the scoop on sandra bland and other lives taken by police.


    Feed Me by Anwar Batte

    Tumblr’s Anarchist GIF Factory

    C.H.R.O.M.E. turns anarchist slogans into shareable memes.


    “I convinced myself that moving on meant dating as many people as possible. I reasoned that I would only heal if I was too busy to notice that I was hurting.”

    A Summer of Ultraviolence

    by Vanessa Willoughby


    Indian Hair BBYMUTHA raps about purp, weave, baby daddies, and bank in her new music video.


    Capture the Confederate Flag #noflagchallenge dares people to take down publicly displayed Confederate Flags.


    Muslim Bitch Watch the new music video from Istanbul-born and New York-bred cloud rapper EKIM.

    Police img 4105
    Ash web

    This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

    Deadliest Week Ever

    this week in acab: the police killed more people this week than any other week in 2015.

    Cecekatie cover
    Katie & CeCe
    Ash web

    This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

    Wilding out in Europe, Too

    This week in #acab: the cops are wilding out all over the world — in Holland, Greece, and Ohio, too!

    Horoscopes cover

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    July 2015

    This month is a big, sloppy mess of a kiss from a drunken god. No one gets a dignified escape; we’re all getting pulled into the dance.

    Letter cover web

    Letters by Hanna Hurr

    Skipping Town Again

    July is for summer flings, road trips, and letting go.

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