• The Get It Issue
    March 2016 #26
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    • Dregs, lies, and money Poet Jenny Zhang shoots the shit. Photo: Luis Nieto Dickens. Read the interview in full.

    • Swallowing /theredpill take a dive into the world of the subreddit “manosphere.”

    • Fuck No One, Get Nothing when writing about sex pays your rent, but you’re not having any.

    • write for us March marks "The Get It Issue” – read our writer’s page here.

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    Table Of Contents

    Selena quintanilla perez net worth

    Muna Mire and Aaron Cantú remember Selena Quintanilla-Perez on the 21st anniversary of her death.

    Anything for Selenas

    by Muna Mire and Aaron Miguel Cantú

    Pink boots edit

    Stealth Care by Ruby Brunton

    The Good Life

    Learning to work the system and finding joy in banding together to plot its downfall

    March 2016 masque up 002
    Alesia web

    Masque Up by Alesia Pullins

    Some Scars Are Cool. Some Scars Are a Pain in the Ass.

    Long and short term beauty tactics to erase scars, for now and for good.


    Creative Blockades Look at these hay bales doing being totally out of control!


    No Brow by Jaime Chu

    How to Be a Genius

    “I am gallant. I am bold. I am right on time.” Jaime Chu reviews Danielle Dutton’s fictional biography of Margaret Cavendish: Margaret the First.

    Screen shot 2016 03 20 at 1.36.22 pm

    Adidas’ new freaky Future The premiere of their new line depicts influencers going against the grain. Take a look.

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    Trouble baker

    Trouble Baker by trouble baker

    Cake by the Pound

    Celebrate spring with a simple pound cake recipe that can get fancy, fast.

    L.A. ONDA
    Nieto dickens jenny mask studio 2016 1 web
    Jenny Zhang
    Tygapaw artist to watch exclusive interview thefuture

    TYGAPAW drops a new mix, a soundtrack for the kids carrying pepper-spray in our purses.

    Cameos march 2016 isaac miranda rachel

    All eyes on Isaac Kariuki, Miranda Leigh, and Rachel Hyman on future trends, current cravings, and their secret springtime rituals.

    Agbrown mask

    En Rogue by Alex G. Brown

    Unknowing the Olsen Twins

    What have the Olsen twins been up to? Alex Brown gives us a look into the careers of the near textbook American Dream children.

    Screenshot 2016 03 07 09.41.49

    Dancing in the Streets Be like BXHXLD, turn that rejection into fire under your shoes.

    March cameos ghibli ari rianna

    See how they shine Get to know young icons Rianna Jade Parker, Aurora Madeleine Brainsky-Roth, and Thomas Michael.

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    James Moore
    Tumblr n278cftyeo1tqt4rxo1 1280

    I realized the cop didn’t worry me. I believed that I was going to make it to New York, even if I got thrown in jail for a night. It would only be a minor delay on the way to Larson, the boy I could not stop thinking about.

    The Seducer’s Diary

    by J.P. Tamang

    Work table 2

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    March 2016

    This month we have a glut of planets in Pisces, the sign of blurred boundaries and imaginative leaps, so it’s a good time to let your sense of being a stable, fixed self dissolve.

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    Letters by Tyler Reinhard

    While the Getting is Good

    This is The Get It Issue where we ask: What if the path to real political agency for the radical and marginalized is a rejection of politics itself?

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