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    Adidas’ New Line is Our Kind of Future

    The Get It Issue
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    Adidas’ New Freaky Future

    The future is terrible but at least the windbreakers are cute

    The other day we read in a zine that Nike is out and Addidas are in. We kind of get it now.

    Last month, Adidas premiered their newest line entitled Future. The ad campaign video features four local influencers including models, DJs, fashion bloggers, athletes, and artists like Aleali May, Iman Shumpert, Kyu Steed and Design Butler. Trecking through the hallways of virtual reality clubs filled with people sporting what appears to be enhanced Google Glasses, freakish hospitality soldiers armed with selfie sticks, and alleyways filled with trash cans ablaze, we can see these arenas are dystopic, and familiar. But the influencers emerge, walking against the grain in fabulous Adidas get-ups towards an unknown future.

    See for yourself:

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