• The Greatest Hits Issue

    Peripheral Gaze : Eva M. Nelson

    The Greatest Hits Issue

    Blur before vanishing.

    Peripheral Gaze

    Originally published in the “Woo” issue on November 16, 2016

    Navy top and wide leg trousers, Ticking stripe vest and trousers by Eva M. Nelson; Vintage cream blouse

    Grey deep V jumpsuit by Eva M. Nelson; Jewelry designed by and from the vintage collection of Lucy Kilgore; Vintage silk tunic, bell bottoms, velvet blazer and suede trench coat

    'Everything Must Go' silk by Alessandra Hoshor; Crown of Thorns as arm-band by Eli Viszk; Burnt orange mesh stockings, undershirt and beanie by Eva M. Nelson; vintage white T-shirt, Leonardo shirt, champagne pant suit and skirt

    Black burlap top and olive wool palazzo pants by Eva M. Nelson; Olive wool collars by Lucy Kilgore; Vintage floral top and leather welder overalls

    Models: Kai Cherot and Brenden Flickinger.
    Photographer: Madeline Polites.
    Style: Lucy Kilgore.
    Makeup: Leah Lawrence.
    Concept and art direction: Eva Marie Nelson.

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