• The Greatest Hits Issue


    The Greatest Hits Issue

    Magic gets real.


    Originally published in the “Depraved” issue on June 29, 2016

    Top: Vintage Versace. Pants: Vintage Versus Versace.

    Tshirt: Come Tees. Top: Telfar. Apron: Vintage Milkmaid.

    Sweatshirt: Vintage Helmut Lang. Leggings: GODDESS. Shorts: Cavempt.

    Jacket: probably from that weird leather store at the atlantic avenue mall. Belt: 1K Deaths.

    Top: GODDESS. Pants: Vintage Versace.

    On Piglets: NYPD Dog Uniforms.

    On D’Amonte (left) Hoodie: Rowan Clothing. Boots: HBA. On Macon (right) Ceramics: BEL. Pants: GODDESS.

    Ceramics: BEL. Leggings: Discount Universe.

    Hat: Carhartt. Jumpsuit: Gosha Rubchinskiy.

    Socks: Versace.

    Vest: Vintage Undercover.

    Hooded Dress: Vetements. Shoes: Dorateymur.

    Backpack: Undercover.

    Models: D’Amonte Brown and Macon McGinnis. Concept and art direction: Mitchell Bohman. Director of photography: Ashley Coffey. Photographer and Photo Technician: Caitlin Frackelton. Styling: Maggie Foster. Hair: Camille Schefter. Second Photography: Kristian Laudrup. Consultant art direction: Marc JC.

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