• The Hacker Issue

    They Don’t Call It Fall for Nothing

    The Hacker Issue
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    All photos by Ada Banks.

    Spotted: the perfect mix of thrifted pieces, with a touch of designer when you least expect it.

    They Don’t Call It Fall for Nothing

    It’s fall in the city, and we’re excited to look cute, again. Whether you spent every weekend this summer galloping around with your fling or didn’t get to take a vacation, the fall weather will be a nice reprieve from all those sticky feelings. Hang up that beach towel and tuck into sweater weather, kids.

    The Autumn looks are here, at least for a while. Kick up your skirts, get inspired for Octoberfest get-ups, flip some clothes at your local thrift store.

    We are ready to fall, are you?

    Photos and interviews by Ada Banks.

    Alexis, 21
    Flatbush Ave & Fulton Street, Brooklyn

    I woke up this morning and felt really urban. I love high-end designers. Basic color is black. Sneakers are Isabel Marant, you can find them at Barney’s. The bag is Céline. I got this dress from a street vendor for about ten bucks.

    Annette Hernandez, 18
    Mercer St. & Prince St., SoHo

    “I really like this outfit, I feel like its perfect for summer. I really like this skirt with the white shirt. I got these shoes about a year ago, I don’t know where. I haven’t worn them a lot but I really like them.”

    Carson Smith, 23
    Broadway & Houston St.

    “I got this at a little boutique in Connecticut actually. It’s just easy for summer, nice and light.”

    Denise Montesdeoca, 24
    W 4th St. Subway Stop, Greenwich Village

    “This dress is forever 21. Underneath I’m wearing a high waisted bathing suit and bralette, and just some random bag.”

    Gabriella Garcia, 27

    “I’m wearing just a regular tank top from Zara, I found this skirt at a thrift store and the shoes are Monkey”

    Jenny Capano, 31
    Bleecker St. & 6th Ave, Greenwich Village

    “This dress is Sacai, the shoes are Prada, and this bag is Lizzy Fortunato.”

    Jojo, 34
    Adams St. & Joralemon St., Brooklyn

    “Both the pants and the top are from the Taiwanese online store Starmimi.com.”

    Justine, 20
    Washington Square Park

    “I’m basically just wearing oxfords from Aldo, riding pants from American Apparel, and I got this shirt from a thrift store for like 5 dollars. Then of course my hair is blue, blue-green. This lipstick is actually a mix of Doll lipstick from the beauty supply store and Lime Crime’s Chinchilla.”

    Katie Silvernail, 30

    “I’m on my way to meet my boyfriend and he thinks I’m super trendy- so I’m just being a poser really. I got this shirt from Forever 21.”

    Kelsey, 23
    Prince St, SoHo

    “I’m wearing Aldo shoes with an H&M active top, Material Girl pencil skirt and Wildfox sunglasses”

    Maya LeBeau, 20
    Washington Square Park

    “My shoes are from American Apparel but everything else is from random thrift stores.”

    Montana Thomas, 19 + Stephen Michaels, 18
    Father Demo Square

    S: “I feel like everything were wearing is thrifted, for the most part.”
    M: “Cheap”
    S: “Yeah, we’re broke”
    M: “Well we’re not broke…”
    S: “I’m a little broke. I’ve had these glasses for 2 years”
    M: “I’m not broke, but it’s cheap”
    M: “I think this shirt is from Cure the thrift shop, I don’t know where these shorts came from. I’m wearing Nike socks…”

    Nate Carty, 21 + Alecia Mason, 24
    Mercer & Prince St.

    N: “Right now I’m wearing T.R.I.P NYC jeans, they’re kind of punk rock… some Adidas, and a striped shirt I got from H&M.”

    A: “I just have on some white converse. My friend made me this dress, her names Kieri Elena… This necklace was given to me by a company called Jewel Posse.”

    Nia, 26
    Lafayette St, SoHo

    “I have on Acne Studio sunglasses, a Topshop romper, and a vintage Missoni turban.”

    Sebastian Louiziare, 21

    “I like wearing all black. I have on a Huff shirt, shorts from Uniqlo, and Adidas boosts 2.0”

    Taboo, 18 + David, 18
    Washington Square Park

    T: “I found this vest when I was smoking in an abandoned warehouse, I saw it and I wanted it. I’m just borrowing this shirt but it’s from American Apparel. My friend got these pants at a flea market but they didn’t fit him so I took them. I’ve had these shoes for years. I stole this visor from a thrift store and drew on it.”

    D: “I have on some Adidas, My shirt and pants are from H&M. These are blue Ray Bans, a Mischa hat that says ‘death’ on it and gold fangs. This necklace is just some accessory I made when I was bored, now it’s tearing apart.”

    Photos and interviews by Ada Banks.

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