• The Heretic Issue
    The Heretic Issue
    Betty butt

    Twerk Team Member Betty Butt Fatally Shot

    The TwerkTeam members, with Betty on the left.

    The TwerkTeam was founded in 2005, and contributed to the twerk dance becoming popular in mainstream hip-hop culture. The three girls were high school friends who started out performing at friends’ parties and went on to star in several music videos, including Ester Dean and Chris Brown’s “Drop it Low” and Waka Flocka Flame’s “Round of Applause”. Betty left the group as the girls began laying down their own tracks – combining their iconic dance moves with self-written rap music. The TwerkTeam’s success helped widen the niche for female dancers and rappers in the hip-hop scene, and empowered many young women to take pride in their skills. Most importantly, the TwerkTeam spoke miles of the importance of sisterhood in artistic expression, and celebrated hip-hop culture and the self-determination of women of color.

    Survived by her family and her TwerkTeam sisters, Betty will be remembered as an artist and performer who immortalized twerking among millennials, and helped bring the spotlight onto the hip-hop scene in Atlanta.

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