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    This Tumblr Fires Racists

    The Internet is great sometimes, but the Internet can also be a horrible place, filled with sexist and racist bigotry. Since the grand jury decision that acquitted Darren Wilson last Monday, there’s been a lot of the latter. Sometimes the sanest thing to do is to ignore such assholes. But some are taking it upon themselves to hold people accountable for their racist remarks, and get them fired from their jobs. And having a good laugh at it, too, probably.

    With over 15,000 followers, Racists Getting Fired posts screenshots of people’s racist posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, along with contact information to their work places. Some of the posts include updates from their employers, ensuring they have dealt with the situation by firing them. Followers can contribute by submitting screenshots of blatantly racist interactions on social media, highlight who should be fired, and post the individual’s work phone number.

    In light of this week’s grand jury decision, the Tumblr has begun targeting pro-Darren Wilson users. Got a few minutes? Maybe make a couple calls.

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