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    Princess Nokia and Her Badass Coven in New Music Video "Nokia"

    Net artists, choke on this! Mashing together early ‘00s aesthetic, Princess Nokia slays with her new music video for “Nokia”, featuring cameos from her friends and contemporaries Jungle Pussy, K Rizz and Dai Burger. The four women lounge around in a pile of multi-colored pillows surrounded by animated butterflies, all reminiscent of your dream slumber party. Having just read yesterday’s Jackie Wang interview, this video seems to answer the call so many young people are making right now for close-knit communities that make you feel part of something bigger than yourself.

    Similarly to her “Dragons” video directed by Travis and Milah Libin that used scenes from Dragon Ball Z, “Nokia” splices in moments from Disney’s The Proud Family and Taina. The video also features Princess Nokia embodying the Michiko to Hatchin character Michiko Malandro, whose story is not far from Princess Nokia’s own experience of being abused in foster care and searching for her freedom through art.

    Catch Princess Nokia on Know-wave.com on Thursdays between 3:00–5:00 pm EST!

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