• The Lonely Issue

    Check Out This Bash Back! Inspired Bomber Jacket

    The Lonely Issue

    Bash Back Bomber from the MELGAARD collection, 2017. Courtesy of Red Bull Arts New York. © Bjarne Melgaard

    Bjarne Melgaard Designed a Bash Back! Inspired Bomber Jacket


    Art world sweetheart Bjarne Melgaard dropped a capsule line for New York Fashion Week referencing Bash Back! on a bright orange bomber jacket.

    Bash Back! was a network of anarchist queers that wreaked havoc on transphobic and homophobic spaces, slashed tires, showed up at Democratic National Convention counter-demonstrations, and committed other acts of anti-fascist vandalism between 2008 and 2012. (If you'd like to learn more about this crazy time, I recommend reading the book Queer Ultra Violence — Bash Back! Anthology.)

    I can think of one or two folks who would love to get their hands on this look...

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