• The Lonely Issue

    Watch Pamela_ and her sons’s New Video “Green Light”

    The Lonely Issue

    Watch Pamela_ and her sons’s New Video “Green Light”

    Got a craving for fragmented, off kilter anxiety techno? Now may be the perfect time.

    In Pamela_ and her sons's new video, disembodied vocals murmur, “Green light, burn my eyes” as Jane Langkau steps across vast fields of dead grass. “Green Light” is the new single off their first full length LP Hurt Plaza, released this month on CGI Records. The video was created by Saige Rowe.

    Fall into pastoral post-apocalyptic sensuality:

    Pamela_ and her sons, the solo music project of Atlanta-based multimedia artist Alessandra Hoshor, emphasizes texture, pattern, and rhythm. Their microtonal compositions build up from slow, perceptual movements into heavy dance sets.

    They will tour with Atlanta-based producer and songwriter Sequoyah this March. This forthcoming spring 2017 East Coast and Canadian “Hurt Plaza x True Fun” dual tour celebrates the premiere of Pamela_ and her son’s new LP and Sequoyah’s first LP, True Fun. For the tour dates, check their website.

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