• The Madness Issue
    May 2015 #16
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    • on the cover read our interview with artist and writer hannah black where she reveals the method to her madness.

    • berlin diary the rise in police crackdowns, criminalization, and deportations may spell the death of squatting in berlin. read more.

    • in search of orphans one year after becoming an orphan, ruby brunton went looking for fellow orphans online. read more.

    • write for us next month marks “the alien issue”. read our call for submissions.

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    Table Of Contents

    Brooklyn bridge web

    Constant harassment from law enforcement is always infuriating, but it can also have profound physical and psychological effects. This is what Jasmine Gibson experienced while doing legal support during the NYPD’s witch-hunt of militants and radicals last winter.

    Psychosis and State Repression

    by Jasmine Gibson

    Insomnia web

    There is no magic cure for insomnia. Nothing can guarantee sleep. But I know this: once I stopped worrying about my insomnia, it became more sporadic and less disruptive.

    An Alien in the Land of Sleep

    by Ruby Brunton


    Heather doesn’t identify as schizophrenic, although her medical records do classify her that way. After years of struggling with multiple realities, she has figured out some ways to let them and her co-exist, and it has worked much better than when she was locked up in a hospital.

    Splitting and Merging: The Schizoid Mind 

    by Yvette Hall


    Feed Me by Anwar Batte

    Can’t Stand Pop? Try Slowing It Down 800%

    If you slow down Justin Bieber 800% he starts sounding like a nature goddess, which really makes you think...

    Terapist web

    Choosing a psychotherapist or any other kind of psyche healer is a serious and sometimes difficult task. Here are seven things to consider before making your choice.

    How to Find a Good Therapist

    by Mae Winters

    Thanisssaro Bhikkhu
    Waiting web

    After the passage of the Affordable Care Act, tens of thousands of people suddenly had access to health insurance. Here’s how it affected my job.

    Working Inside a Collapsing Mental Health System

    by – Anonymous

    May cameos

    Three tough women make an appearance for our May Cameos. Get to know Raven Rakia, Jasmine Gibson, Sasha Geffen.


    Sometimes, you get tossed in the children’s psych ward, but only so long as the insurance company foots the bill. Only problem is: it can fuck you up for life. Randy Marcott tells the story of his time in a mental hospital and how he never stopped feeling alone.

    My First 50 Weeks Inside Belle Park

    by Randy Marcott

    10849737 10152961384922959 888728223930279626 n

    Marco DaSilva recounts his path from mental health crisis to healing.

    My Quaint Struggle

    by Marco DaSilva

    Addiction and coping

    If your job is making you miserable, it’s probably time to quit. But how are you then going to afford all the addictions and recreations keeping you alive? Follow Myriah Florence’s tips for how to indulge in your obsessions on the cheap.

    The Thin Line between Addiction and Coping

    by Myriah Florence

    Mohammed fayaz 1024
    Enter the World of Mojuicy
    A1017475670 10

    EKIM brings the emotional trap music with her new self-titled EP.

    Illustration web2

    How can you spend years with someone and then try and do that again with someone else? What string of events led this conversation to polyamory? Apparently my friend’s Twitter account is being subpoenaed? Do shrooms go bad?

    In a Drawer Opening Mood

    by Sarah Rupp


    Stimulants, anti-anxiety meds, SSRIs, oh my! Rachel Allen recounts a day of her body on various drugs.

    Extended Release

    by Rachel Allen

    Screen shot 2015 05 04 at 2.23.30 pm

    Baltimore based rapper Lor Chris flips the bird at the cops for Freddie Gray in his new music video.

    Letter cover

    Letters by Hanna Hurr

    We’re Going Mental

    Let’s move past the sad girl trope. Let’s become less averse to discomfort. Let’s become more resilient.

    Horoscope cover

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    May 2015

    The short answer to all your complicated questions: It’s time to fall in love. This month the world is wooing us with all it’s got.

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