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    March 2014 #2
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    Neopets is the greatest kids’ game website ever. It taught me almost everything I needed to know about the world. While I learned nothing in my high school math class, I learned all about the stock market while restocking my shop playing Neopets.

    What Neopets Taught Me About Life

    by Sofie Mikhaylova

    Acid 2

    Listen: The Acid s/t EP is a spacey, simmering piece of work. We can’t get enough of it.

    Royalsparody web

    The one Royals parody worth watching. It gets typecasting, “diversity”, and getting the goods exactly right.

    Antiausteritymadrid 2

    Watch: Kids burn stuff in Madrid. We’d rather be able to afford to eat and sleep in a home; good riot porn is actually a decent consolation prize.


    Madonna’s Armpits. A little Hollywood trope to help break up the fuzzy feels re: celebrity armpit hair.


    At first, stealing from johns was a perk of the underworld cash economy. If I felt as though they hadn’t paid me enough I could swipe something extra. No need for collections agencies. I never called it stealing. It was “remedial compensation”.

    An Honest Dollar: On Kleptomania

    by J.P. Tamang

    Sarah Shourd
    Dorito machine small

    Best Tweets from SXSW written by the people whose job it is to got to places like that and write about being cool and bored.

    Betty Blac

    Our 2014 SXSW Wager for the coming year. Time will tell, but in the meantime you should listen to them anyway!

    Cover 2

    DIY: Make a snapback from a fitted cap in just a few simple steps.


    If you live in a city that always tells you to be afraid, what happens to the fear once you stop trusting the authorities? At La Colmena, a new social center in Mexico City, the residents hoped to create a space apart from the fear-mongering apparatus, only to find themselves right in the middle of it.

    Another White Van across the Street?

    by Mariana Roa

    742560524 c2622309b4 b

    Playlist: Daylight Savings. Just in case today didn’t feel off-kilter enough.


    “You will spend months planning a tour, then drive 700 miles to find out the show got canceled and no one told you.” Andreas Chronis of xDYINGx regrets spending half his life in the back of a tour van.

    Punk Rock Ruined My Life

    by Andreas Chronis


    Let these Southern queers take you on a tour to Beauty World – the “one-stop shop for every fag, hag, and drag in North Carolina.”

    Going Ham at Beauty World

    by Roxanne Baker

    Yumi marquee

    Watch: 2 videos from Yumi Zouma that feel surprisingly honest, and leave us expectant for more.


    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    March 2014

    With several planets stationing and retrograding, we’re collectively slowed and suspended. For those of you who would love nothing better than to smoke a bowl and headbang in slow motion, this is your time to shine. For the rest of us, strategies below.

    Ricky Fohrenbach

    Letters by Hanna Hurr

    Blame Us for Trying

    Our aspirations used to run counter to those of the professional world. But now our craziest ideas are sought out by marketing executives. We used to think we could outsmart the system. Now we see that the only way we can stay in control of our ideas is if we let them run their course within it. What to do with our lives once we have lost the hope in creating alternatives, and have ruled out total destruction? Perhaps you try to “make it.”

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