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    Horoscopes for August 2017

    The Masculine Issue
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    Everything you need to know about the Earth opening up and swallowing your planets or the other way around.


    Corina Dross is an artist, astrologer, and rabble-rouser best known for her illustrated card deck, Portable Fortitude. Based out of Philadelphia for the last ten years, she’s currently splitting her time between the East Coast and the Northwest.

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    August 2017

    August is the queerest month, breeding eclipses from the sun-drenched fervor of our insomniac times. The other world that is possible isn’t waiting on the other side of an apocalypse or collapse – it’s already growing like weeds through the concrete, in every imaginable direction but bounded by conditions that obscure our clear view.

    This month brings us two eclipses, a lunar eclipse in Aquarius on the 7th and a solar eclipse in Leo on the 21st. Eclipses act like a strobe light, disrupting the ordinary flow of time. Visibility changes. Linearity and continuity fragment. Metaphorical doors open and close rapidly and sometimes with a firm bang. This particular eclipse season is heavily fragranced by the electrifying Uranus, planet of queers and revolutionaries and rebellion of all kind. Leo and Aquarius are signs oriented toward love: personal love and collective revolution (which is to say, love on a grand scale). Uranus is the planet that helps us do what’s dangerous, to be misunderstood, and to explore unknown possibilities in the pursuit of a world where love can actually flourish.

    During this eclipse season, expect a little heightened chaos. Our values and relationships are challenged by the powers that be in this world, and our ability to love each other well enough is constantly tested. We have opportunities to rise to that challenge, but the ways we do might look strange and unfamiliar. As you experiment this month, bear in mind that Leo energy requires the utmost creative vulnerability: sincerity, heartfelt warmth, self-expressive bonding. The Aquarian influences help us direct this energy toward total liberation for all, with no exceptions and no compromises. This is an excellent month for those of us who are struggling with these ways of being in the world to tap back into our deep love for each other and try something new.

    As always, check out your rising sign first, if you know it, followed by your Sun and Moon signs. I’m available for readings if you want personalized insights about this time, and I have a new remote class starting in September that you can register for now!

    “With all the unfaithful offspring of the sky gods, with my littermates who find a rich wallow in multispecies muddles, I want to make a critical and joyful fuss about these matters. I want to stay with the trouble, and the only way I know to do that is in generative joy, terror, and collective thinking”

    Donna Haraway, “Tentacular Thinking: Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulucene”


    There is a special joy you feel when you’re deep in your creative process. That might not be what you call it – you may not have any particular work of art you’re creating at the moment, but in that case the work of art is yourself. You are both the nuclear reactions happening in the core of the Sun, and the bright rays spreading warm honey across everything they touch. In this mode, you can do nothing wrong. Your energy will never flag, every decision is the right decision. Later, you may receive feedback that perhaps those decisions weren’t as great for everyone as they were for you. This month, close the distance between your personal joy and what you can do to be good for others. There’s no reason they need to be at odds. People need something from you, and what you offer will only be useful if it comes from this fiery core of truth. Get big, get bright, and accept some direction in where you aim your light.


    Something about August always grates on your nerves: the sun is too harsh, the lawnmowers too loud, the nights too brief and too busy with dreams. It’s okay to retreat. All this sunlight makes too much visible when what you need is enough darkness, enough stillness to focus on the voices you’re trying to hear. Become nocturnal; develop night vision. Eavesdrop on the dreams where historical figures divulge their secrets in passing, as though you’re fellow travelers waiting at a train station. It’s okay to ignore the incessant forward rush of time, if only for a few hours a day.


    You are what you think, right now. Construct a castle in your mind, and you’ll get to inhabit it. Dream monsters and you’ll see them. This kind of power can get you into trouble, so now is the perfect time to pursue some training in directing your thoughts where you’d like them to go. Learn to visualize before you vocalize. Poke holes in anxieties floating sideways through your mind, like ghosts of oogles you thought would never travel on. Achieve as much precision as possible in the names you give to every part of your experience. See how razor thin you can slice one sensation, discovering all its constituent parts. And, when all these intellectual pursuits become exhausting, let your mind hum along to music that doesn’t need any words.


    The word “tenderness” means both kindness and soreness – a heightened sense of pain, and the gentleness that can soothe pain. This month offers you both: for whatever wounds you’re licking, you’ve also got a full apothecary of salves and bandages and soft blankets to spread out under the stars as you fall asleep under a sky that means you no harm. It can be hard to count the things you have right now: possessions, sure, but also qualities. Yet this having of things is where you’re best able to understand a meaningful way forward. Perhaps this means it’s time to touch and dust and rearrange every memento and piece of nature trash on the altar beside your bed. Perhaps it’s time to gather all your old clothes and stuff them with the pillows you’ve cried into, and people your room with sadder selves you get to say goodbye to. Whatever you do on the physical plane, it’s time to discover a way into a new life through the one that surrounds you.


    You are on a boat that has left the shore this month, with or without oars. You don’t really need to paddle, though, as even trailing your fingers and toes in the water propels you much faster than you’d have thought possible. It may be you have unseen helpers below the water – a mischievous family of seals or orcas, nosing your craft along between them like a ball they’re tossing always farther than they can reach. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself unable to steer: the sea mammals won’t lead you astray. Or at least, not ver far astray. This may be a month when drifting is desirable. It’s too late to regret anything you’ve left behind – you’re on a journey that could last some time, and whatever you don’t have now you won’t need.


    Sometimes it’s hard to get totally comfortable. Mattresses are too soft or too hard, or may even have small peas lurking under them. Mirrors distort; mosquitoes whine; bodies are heavy to drag along the ground but floating in water leaves one oddly disconnected from one’s purpose. This month, your one job is become more comfortable within the mysterious processes that shape your life. Sometimes you float and sometimes you drop. Some days defy logic. Is there a rhythm you can find to let you dodge the raindrops, the insects, and the inevitable distortions? Find the sweet spot in every unsettling experience – there will be one, and it can be very sweet.


    Some puzzles satisfy us, others aren’t worth our time. There is a formula for exactly how much you want to be challenged – anything too easy bores you, while the trickier puzzles can fill you with hopelessness. But the premise of any puzzle is that it has a solution – existential questions, Zen koans, these can’t be solved. You may have wondered lately if the tougher challenges you’re facing are truly puzzles or if they belong to that other category of problems that require creative interpretation rather than analytic resolution. At least one of these problems will arise again this month – but thankfully, with a solution easily in reach.


    As we teeter on the tightrope between past and future, we are never quite sure of what will happen or what already has. The past is usually just as murky as the future, as we interpret the sliver of experience we’re given according to the several schools of thought we’ve borrowed from friends and books and teachers. This month brings you real insight about both past and future. It’s as though a sudden spotlight shines down a dark hallway, picking out the outline of every fiber on the rug, every grain of wood on the mellow wainscotting. More than just showing you what has been or what will be, this spotlight goes further: you will see with precise, calm clarity exactly what matters. What’s at stake. What to do. Don’t be afraid. You are becoming someone who can do the impossible.


    As sparks fly up into the air, something else stays behind. We can’t see it anymore. The envelope that once contained an overdue bill or love letter, the splintered remains of a pallet, the tiny lichen clinging to a dry branch – these things had a substance that hid what is now most visible. Fire transforms what we can see. Likewise, this month hides what’s most obvious in your life and illuminates what’s been most obscure. This doesn’t mean what’s obvious has vanished, however – merely that you can see more clearly behind the surfaces of what’s most familiar. What you do with this insight is up to you, but you will be required to make use of it eventually.


    Where do you stand on seduction? Is there a part of you that longs to be bewitched, enchanted, led through the streets by a song you’ll always long to hear again, even if you wake up a hundred years later and find that everyone you know is dead? Where your heart is already off balance, it may want to be wholly washed away. Or do you prefer certainty and a clarity to the glamour of the abyss? This month, you have a choice how deeply you’ll let yourself surrender to the mythologies of merging and being carried away. This month wants to pull you under. You can choose how far you’re willing to submit, if at all.


    This month brings a strong and steady wind across the embers that are your day-to-day sense of self. You may flare up into greater life and animation – you may also cool down and retreat inward. You may alternate between both modes. One thing that is certain this month is that you will not be the same on the other side of it. The forces moving across you, at times gently and at times with rough insistence, are subtly changing your shape. If your goal is to remain unchanged, this may be a hard time. If your goal is to stay interested in your life, prepare to be fascinated.


    What can I tell you that you haven’t already felt? You already know what will happen this month even if it surprises you, because you’ve reached a state where surprises are what is ordinary. Every day you let yourself know a little more, or rather, you let yourself peek a little further into the book you’ve compiled from all the memories, dreams, emotions, and passing sensations of your days that usually end up lost. Your biggest story, right now, is that you are learning more of what you’ve already known for a long time – but maybe never fully believed until now.

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