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    July 2016 #30
    • We still love you very much Photo: Ronika McClain

    • Wings Check out our latest editorial photoshoot featuring looks from Hood By AIr, Vintage Versace, Goddess Streetwear, and more.

    • Trigger Warning In the aftermath of the shooting of 49 latino queers in a nightclub in Florida, Sarah Rupp outlines why she wants a gun.

    • Write for Us August marks "The Control Issue” – read more on our writer’s page.

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    Table Of Contents

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    Art as Roses
    Sliding zeta jones
    Dan web

    Dan Knows Best by Dan Allegretto

    Summer 2016 Trend Predictions

    Dan brings you his summer trend forecast which doesn’t matter and you should not even slightly consider reading.

    Aimy in a cage edit

    No Brow by Jaime Chu

    How to Be Watched

    This Month is Lit: Jaime Chu reviews Leopoldine Core’s When We Watched.

    Sarpam thullal brave festival 2014

    How can I show my mother I am different from those god-denying white people I call my friends? How can I pull my mother's kidney stone out with my bare hands? How can I ensure she wakes up with adoring eyes every morning?

    Mamita, Aren’t You Tired of Crying?

    by Beatrice Loayza

    Screen shot 2016 07 19 at 7.57.14 pm

    an antifa track for our generation Check out this new track from Philadelphia-based producer Nebraska “Death to the Klan”.

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    Inga Hensing on the ways trans women mother one another, through bars, in living rooms, on the dance floor.

    Lost Girls

    by Inga Hensing


    Bini Adamczak in translation by Sophie Lewis proposes a new term to denote the antonym of penetration – a word that describes workers of the anus and the mouth, the vagina and the hand as active instead of passive.

    On Circlusion

    by Bini Adamczak

    Rianna mom chair crop

    Disobedient daughters of disobedient mothers, who broke all the rules so we could do the same.


    by Rianna Jade Parker


    Insomnia Mix With tracks from LSDXOXO, TLC, Modulaw, and so many more, Night Doll brings us a mix to get you ready for another sleepless weekend.


    I am learning that mothering is more of a decision. If this is unnatural, well, so is the way I’ve been brought into the role – through a death than a birth. Is it strange for a child to have years more experience being a daughter than her caretaker has at mothering? It’s a situation that requires work.

    Learning to Mother Someone Else’s Child

    by Emily Dall'Ora Warfield

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    4ever Yung by yung costanza

    The Summer of This Content

    Get out there and make the shit you wanna make.

    Raging sun raging sky 2009 002 black white two men in bed

    Is self-harm a kind of language? If so, what are Ed’s arms telling us over the table?

    Envy Isn’t Something You Hold

    by Santiago Jose Sanchez

    Kai williams feature art

    Kai Williams carries the weight of her great-grandmother and civil rights activist Yuri Kochiyama's legacy in the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests at her prep school.

    Legacy Kid

    by Kai Williams

    Radiant flush 02

    Get the Glow Mask brings you Misha's “Radiant Flush” mix, an analog wave of black voices and magic.

    Cameos july 2016 2

    Cameos Light up your life with style tips, dreamscapes, beauty advice, and more from Soleil Summer, Vivian Medithi, and Meowzai


    Letters by Hanna Hurr

    To Those Who Possess Something Extra

    This is The Mommy Issue, in which we curl into fetal position and feel some type of way about the mothers in our lives.

    Horoscope bottom

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    July 2016

    The thunderstorms of July break trees, electrify the air, and reduce all solid earth to viscous mud. We don’t get to sit this one out.

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