• The Mommy Issue

    Night Doll Brings Us the Latest Mask Mix “Insomnia”

    The Mommy Issue

    Art by Kelsey Niziolek

    Night Doll Brings Us the Latest Mask Mix “Insomnia”

    That feeling when all the fucked up things happening in the world keep you up at night

    If you haven’t gotten a wink of sleep in the past few weeks, this is a mix for you. With tracks from LSDXOXO, TLC, Modulaw, and so many more, Night Doll just dropped a new mix to get you ready for another sleepless weekend, where we find solace holding our loved ones, buying each other drinks (when we can), and building new worlds in the cracks of old ones.



    1 Hoka – Boogey The Beat
    2 Third Passage – NKC
    3 Nasty – Beek
    4 Death Grip ft. Bbymutha – LSDXOXO
    5 Kick – GRRL
    6 Convoy – Modulaw
    7 Take Me Hate Me – Rules
    8 Datafile Ghost – Maramza
    9 Stair Chase – B. YHZZ
    10 Silly Ho (Night Doll adderall edit) – TLC
    11 Illest – DJ Ride
    12 Cup Flip – K-SHiZ
    13 Tyranny – Nazar
    14 Didra – Sarantis
    15 Anthems For A 30 Year Old Club Girl – Fil Jackson

    We spoke to Night Doll about her entry point into nightlife, and what she is excited about:

    How did you get into music?

    I got into DJing when I was working in Philly and a lady DJ, Battleaxe, heard me say I wanted to give it a try. I had a hard drive of thousands of tracks I had habitually downloaded over the past few months that I was secretly plotting to slay with. I wasn’t playing around so she invited me over the next week and before you knew it I was playing sweaty parties. Shout out to the lady DJ mentors out there.

    What inspired this mix?

    This mix is about navigating the Brooklyn nightlife under the violent political context happening around us. It’s a soundtrack for the deep spiral that hits at the end of the night when you're forced to confront the reality we've been escaping. Inspired by my own insomnia, late night partying, drugs and a connection to the moon, I wrote it at midnight and didn't finish until sunrise – much like our parties.

    What are you working on now?

    Continuing to level up my production and DJ game. I’m forever plotting annihilation with my squad, Fake Accent. I got collaborations with some amazing women producer friends in the works, and putting out more visual work with my fellow alien Lanee Bird. Also working on getting more sleep.

    What are you excited to see more of this year?

    More POC and queer artist visibility and women continuing to take over the game. I'm excited to see Fake Accent and other POC, queer, women collectives like Discwoman, KUNQ and Papi Juice push the boundaries of night life by reconstructing club spaces to be our own and navigating displacement and escapism through our digital and visual collaborative efforts.

    Anything else you want to shout out?

    I’m playing Mixpak Tryna Function this Saturday the 16th at Trans Pecos with DBM, Nina Las Vegas, Cupcakke and a bunch of others from the Mixpak crew that I'm excited to see. July 29th I’m playing at Red Bull studios for a fundraiser with SISTER for the upcoming MAMI exhibit at Knockdown Center. Fake Accent is doing the MAMI closing reception on September 4th. Come say hi. Shout to all my bad bitches. Black Lives Matter!!

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