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    Dope Might Be Our Generation's Kids

    The More Things Change Issue
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    Dope Might Be Our Generation’s Kids

    Starring many of the babes of our generation like Zoë Kravitz and A$AP Rocky, Dope is a film about a teenager growing up in the Inglewood, California neighborhood known as The Bottoms in the 90s.

    This flick caught our eye with its low tech nostalgic trailer depicting crews of friends running from the cops, robbing convenience stores, riding their bikes on the sidewalk, and generally not giving a fuck. If you ask me, Dope looks like it could be our generation's Kids.

    Described by director Rick Famuyiwa as a coming of age story, I’m stoked to see it because it honors the lives of geeks trying to survive and pass amongst the cool kids.

    The film will be honored at Sundance Film Festival and is scheduled to be released in fall of 2015.

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