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    How to Dye Your Hair Grey

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    How to Dye Your Hair Grey

    As with any process that involves bleaching hair, there are a number of reasons to take caution. For example, if you use too high of a developer, you can cause chemical burns on your scalp, or cause sever damage to the hair strand. 

    First ask yourself, what color do I already wear daily? If your answer is reds, oranges, peachy cream, or any yellows, ask yourself: Am I willing to completely change my wardrobe, and commit to a cool tone pallet (yes, this includes cosmetics), or wear all black and greys? Then ask yourself how much time for hair care you have. Also, are you okay with your hair feeling like cotton candy?

    Still good to go? Great, here are a few tips to get you on the right track for the look.

    First of all, for the love of hair, don’t use box bleach (or dye for that matter) or 40 volume developer! I cannot emphasize this enough. Sure, maybe if you have short hair and are a total pain slut, or have a strong desire for a chemical haircut. But your hair will hold the color longer if it isn’t damaged. 20 volume developer will get you where you need to go, without the chemical burn. Just go to your local beauty supply store (for example, Ricky’s, Beauty Supply Warehouse, or Sally’s, to name a few), pick up a tub of bleach powder and developer. If you find that you’re not the masochist you thought you were and your scalp is super itchy or burning, you can sprinkle some Sweet’N Low on your scalp to reduce the burning sensation. (If it really burns, wash that shit out.) The maximum time the bleach is going to work is until it dries out – or an hour, whichever one comes first. For best result, read the manufacturer’s instructions first. 

    For a good grey, it’ll be hard to get there with just a toner. I would recommend doing a some research for where you can get Pravana hair color. If you’re a color theory enthusiast, you can do some mixing of different colors to get that perfect neutralized violet/ashy tone. If you’re thinking, “Wtf does color have to do with theory?!” – don’t worry, they also have a quick and dirty solution: a pre-made silver/grey. This image on Modern Salon is a good example of the color. Adore is also a brand of hair dye that is on the cheaper side of dye ($4-$6 range), but still has good results. They also make a platinum dye, which is a pretty grey, but will only work if you are able to lighten your hair enough (like the inside of a banana peel). 

    Aftercare can be a little tricky. You’ll want to do a deep conditioning treatment every couple or every few weeks depending on how fried your hair is, and you’ll probably want to switch to a shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair (or better yet, just don’t wash your hair at all) and only rinse in warm/cold water so all the hard work doesn’t get washed down the drain.

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