• The Multiple Worlds Issue
    The Multiple Worlds Issue

    Angst, Agitation, and Surviving the Holiday Season

    Culture Round-Up

    As we vamp up for our winter vacations, some of us are preparing to hide under the kitchen table for days as our families berate us about why we haven’t gotten our shit together. Let’s savor these last moments with our friends and confidants, and in the meanwhile, catch up on the stuff that’s really important.

    We’ve collected some highlights from the past week on agitation, angst and surviving the holiday season:

    If you’re in school, dealing with the pressures and trauma of living under a police state, you might be able to get your final exams pushed back. Students of color at Columbia are already doing it. Tufts students, too. Damn, now I’m remembering that the 2012 Quebec student strikers soft-blocked their school buildings, stopping their peers from getting to their final exams...

    Sadly, Suzy X’s long-time comic project Best Song Ever for Rookie Mag is playing its last song ever next month. Check out previous installments with the girl band. Moving forward, we wish Suzy good tidings and new projects in the New Year!

    Camp&Street artist Rahel took the streets last week and later tweeted about alternatives to policing. We see you, girl!

    What does the wolf-raised anime character Princess Mononoke and Cara Delevingne have in common? They were some of the most re-blogged things on Tumblr in 2014.

    We recently discovered the colorful, mall-goth fashion line Adeen by New York City-bred designer Rembrandt Duran is inspired by your favorite Saturday morning cartoons. We have never felt so distanced from the carefree, playful paintball- and cereal-filled lethargy of nostalgic youth, but we can appreciate an aesthetic that embraces not giving a fuck, living life for your friends, and loitering.

    If you grew up with an advent calendar, or were jealous of somebody who did, Ann Horel’s pizza advent calendar on Vine will be a good laugh. 

    With a new kind of caroling, Occupy organizer-turned-Dream Defender Nelini Stamp produced two Christmas songs dedicated to those we’ve lost to police violence – from Sean Bell to Eric Garner.

    On that holiday tip: last week, protesters tried to steal Christmas from tourists sabotaging the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony. Who are you calling #Grinch?

    We were trying to keep this light but not even the prospect of yule logs can’t distract us from the nightmare that is the police state and the fact that this country is still run by the KKK.

    Miami graffiti artist “DEMZ” was run over by police this week and died from the injuries. Miami police have a history of murdering young artists like Israel “Reefa” Hernandez. 

    R.I.P. DEMZ

    A white Florida police officer shot and critically injured an unarmed black man holding his hands up and asking the cop not to shoot him.

    Anonymous’ #OpKKK is posting the names and addresses of Klansmen on Twitter.

    Finally, there was nothing spontaneous or random about what happened inside the Barclays Center during the #RoyalShutDown demonstration on Monday. Turns out organizers and celebrities like Jay Z and LeBron James orchestrated those N.B.A team players sporting the “I Can’t Breathe” tees we tweeted about on Monday night.

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