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    The Multiple Worlds Issue
    Know wave

    Three Hours of Know-Wave for Christmas

    Whether you are bored hanging out with your family, working everyday, or walking around in the freezing cold, you’ll probably appreciate these two awesome podcast episodes featuring rad women artists on the guerrilla radio channel Know-Wave

    Tuck in and tune in to these gems between shifts or between naps this Christmas. 

    Performance Art 101 w/ Kembra Pfahler and Juliana Huxtable 

    Kembra Pfahler and Juliana Huxtable bring us an interdisciplinary conversation on performance art. Though coming from very different generations of feminism, the two artists discuss influential moments that have solidified their crafts, like attending debate camp and being chased by police during a performance.

    My favorite moment? When Kembra asks listeners to send $27 to Juliana’s PayPal account to celebrate her work and her upcoming birthday.

    Smart Girl Club with Princess Nokia and Misfit Marti

    For one hour a week, Princess Nokia opens up intellectual space to discuss art, resource-sharing, spirituality, and girlhood in a space usually foreclosed to young women. On this week’s segment, she sits down with her friend Misfit Marti to answer questions about her identity as an Afro-indigenous woman and her relationship to the diaspora. Nokia and Marti bring the clairvoyant energy and rock out to A Tribe Called Red on air. 

    Smart Girls @princessnokia @amerykahsmisfit #knowwave

    A video posted by Know Wave (@know_wave) on

    My favorite moment? When a random guy calls in to the show, and the two hosts are super sweet to him, despite his epic cluelessness. 

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