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    The Multiple Worlds Issue
    Twitter beef

    Artists in the Hot Seat for Staying Silent

    Yesterday, we saw yet another grand jury decision: no-indictment for the police officer who murdered Eric Garner in a lethal chokehold. 

    As protesters swarm the streets, continuing to block major highways and interrupt business as usual, twitter users are calling out white celebrity artists from Iggy Azalea to Miley Cyrus for staying quiet on the recent verdicts. But big names aren’t the only ones being confronted.

    KUNQ DJ and producer False Witness spoke out about musicians and artists staying silent around the murders of black people by police. Tweeting directly at artists and musicians in grime, ballroom, and club music scenes, False Witness called out many of his contemporaries for being complicit while profiting from, and building a brand for themselves off the backs of black life, labor, and culture. 

    False Witness’ words ring true, and echo so many calls to build a culture where black lives truly matter – for redistribution of capital, cultural resources and platforms to black voices. Like we pointed out in our news roundup, political moments are becoming cultural ones, and vice versa. As “Igloo Australia” shows us, denying this shift will no doubt leave many on the wrong side of history.

    The role of the passive artist, divorced from social struggle seems to becoming less and less accepted. As Art Basel events draw closer, many are pondering what’s in store for institutional art world event. Let’s see what happens.

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