• The Multiple Worlds Issue
    The Multiple Worlds Issue

    Fashion Garments Made Out of Construction Gloves

    When construction gloves are put in an art gallery and then sold as fashion garments, is it art or fashion or what? Whatever it is, Lorenzo Bueno and Rosie Rittenberry are doing it.

    In their new project Hands Over the City, construction gloves are made into statement fashion pieces, displayed as art, and then sold as streetwear.

    The opening of Hands Over the City took place in July at AMO Studios in Manhattan’s Chinatown. The exhibit featured five of their friends as models each wearing one piece from their line.

    Five months later, the line is being sold online for between $200–$600 a piece and includes jackets, board shorts, sweatpants and t-shirts.

    Is this the new Health Goth? Hard to tell. However, this project follows suit with art and fashion world trends of staking claim to signifiers of low culture, labor and social class, and selling them at high-end prices as high culture.

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