• The Multiple Worlds Issue
    The Multiple Worlds Issue
    Roniia web

    RONiiA's Visual Love Letter to Tween Angst

    RONiiA brings us a music video for “Last Words” featuring suburban girls romping around in high-top converse sneakers practicing magic, breaking into neighbors’ cars, shoplifting, and loitering. The video’s dreamy landscape of driveways, creeks, and gas stations sets the stage for stars Ursula Girdwood and Bird Coulter’s preteen friendship, and possibly some revolutionary mayhem? Because at the end, we see them toasting troublemakers everywhere with flaming molotov cocktails.

    RONiiA is a joint project of Nona Marie Invie (Dark Dark Dark, FUGITIVE), Mark McGee (Father You See Queen, Marijuana Deathsquads) and Fletcher Barnhill (Joint Custody, FUGITIVE). The trio released their self-titled debut album today, and you can listen to it below:

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