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    Sweden. Much Snarlier than I Imagined.

    Spoek Mathambo Nods at Malmö and Husby Riots

    It's spring and Spoek Mathambo blesses Malmö with a remix of young Swedish Rappers.

    It's exciting to see Swedish rap being recognized outside of Sweden. I have no idea what Spoek Mathambo's relation is to these artists or the scene, but I think it's a sign of the rising integrity of Swedish hip-hop — the most interesting Swedish hip-hop artists rap in Swedish, but this mix is worth listening to for the beats alone.

    Swedish hip-hop has its own sound but has always been drawing inspiration from the United States. More so lately — the reggae influences are being replaced by a darker, grimier sound that feels distinctly American (JaQe's Oprah borrows heavily from Le1f). I'm especially excited to see what Lilla Namo does next. Like a Swedish Nicki Minaj, she's demonstrated her talent by collaborating with practically every significant hip-hop artist in Sweden.

    Swedish hip-hop provides the most interesting critique of the Scandinavian welfare state and racism — nowhere else is precarious life, hating the cops, and disrespecting the law a given in the same way. This is the sound of the Husby and Malmö riots you've been hearing about for the last few years.

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