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    Machine Gun Kelly Can We Hang with You?

    Shit’s Not Scheduled for Us

    The sharp lyricist and Midwest rapper Machine Gun Kelly released a music video for “Sail” on his 24th birthday this week.

    In the video for “Sail”, Machine Gun Kelly raps through a day in the life of an up-an-coming hip-hop artist. He enters, poses for the camera, shows off his circle-A tat, picks up some prize, eats fancy food, all the while staying observant and at a distance. At the end, he grabs a huge bottle of Carlos Rossi Sangria and spills it on the floor.

    He’s so down:

    “I don’t hate y’all: I’m just fuckin with us”

    Last summer he released his second album, Black Flag (free download) and he’s scheduled to release another album this year.

    People repping anarchy in the wild always makes my day. Machine Gun Kelly, next time you’re in New York, can we please hang?

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