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    That New New

    Marisa knows what’s next.

    You know that loud girl you can hear in the other room of a party who always seems to be giving out great fashion advice and telling everyone how good they’re looking? Chances are pretty good that’s our style oracle @fckreesa, who is on top of her you-got-a-bad-attitude-missy game something fierce. We asked her a few questions to try to anticipate some coming trends this spring. When she got back to us we were like fuck it this is gold. So, here’s the whole email:

    What are you listening to?

    I don’t even know what I listen to anymore. That place where instrumentals meets a DJ meets Aaliyah. Anyway, I’m fucking with this guy STWO (stew) right now. He is a 21 year-old DJ from Paris. He mixes silky beats, hip-hop drums, and some kinda old-school 90s R&B bitch all in one. His shit is so fucking beautiful. He’s coming out from the popular Kaytranada and Sango and the likes; two artist who embody a similar aesthetic. This kid is on fucking next tho. His Beyond EP can easily be played on repeat, smoking a joint, fucking your girl, or in deep train ride meditation. Catch him in NYC at 88 Palace (where you go in one person and come out another) this month. Also, listen to a personal favorite “Lovin’ You” off the Beyond EP.

    What do you want?

    I’m so fucking obsessed with the newly launched SHRIMPS clothing line. Designer Hannah Weiland, young and fresh out of London, showcased her first faux fur collection last month at London Fashion Week. She’s like Italian mob-wife meets candy store. FAUX FUR is next. Hannah’s line is filled with faux fur and COLOR! Fucking awesome: Real fur is over and there’s too many annoying protests and, like, stupid-ass debates over fur and people getting naked and celebrities doing weird promotions for real fur. She really knows what’s next and I hope this bitch does some badass faux shit for summer. Keep up all that color girl. Also, check out my jacket obsession below, which has also grabbed the attention from Opening Ceremony.

    What are you eating?

    Eating everything is that new shit. Fuck vegan. Fuck gluten-free and big fucks to Paleo. That shit is so played out and over. Like, everyone pretty much hates you if you say there’s something you don’t eat. Everyone’s over food trends and recognizes how much we love pizza and beer and shit. Recently, I’ve sadly realized Sriracha is also over. Once the Sriracha cookbook came out and I saw a girl working out with a Sriracha inspired water bottle at the gym, I knew it was over. Good news though, I found that fucking CHILI OIL is that new new. This shit is SO fucking easy to make and is even MORE versatile than Sriracha. I not only put chili oil all over my fucking pizza BUT I fucking can cook with it! Fry an egg? Fucking coat that pan with chili oil instead of butter. Fucking preparing Tilapia? Rub some chili oil on that bitch before you salt and pepper her. It’s fucking amazing and SO easy to make. Check out my recipe, baby:

    - 2 cups of oil, I prefer olive
    - ¼ cup red pepper flakes
    - Combine and heat in saucepan on medium heat for 5 minutes. Cool to room temp. Transfer to mason jar or bottle!

    If we were looking for Fckreesa, where would we start?

    I’m at the pizza shop up the street RIGHT now. You know why? They have free WIFI, cold beer, and cheap pizza. This shit fucking beats coffee and pastries and annoying assholes you have to ask to get the WIFI password. I didn’t even have to ask anyone for a password in this bitch! HOW AMAZING IS THAT SHIT. I just walked in, ordered a grandma slice, pale ale, sat my ass down, opened my laptop and connected “ROSCOS” seamlessly with NO password. Doing work in places other than coffee shops is that new new baby. Fuck a fucking café. Everyone in those places sucks, all the employees suck, and all the food sucks. My new shit is doing work at pizza places and bars. You’ll find that most restaurants have WIFI and, you guessed it, available outlets! They also have fucking cooler people working ... on top of alcohol, please?! You can catch me at Rosco’s Pizza, 685 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn NY, 11216.

    Browser history? What are you looking at?

    INDIE PORN. I don’t know if its actually a thing or if I made it up, but I fuck with indie porn. Basically the aesthetic is somewhat like naked American Apparel polaroids meets 40oz VAN NYC. I’m into that shit. I know there’s going to be a shift in erotic culture, and indie porn is making its way. The time of Hustler and PornHub is evolving with an artistic influence. Raunchy and artsy is that new new. Recently I’ve been fucking with BUTT Magazine and Jacques. Have fun in your bed and look at these beauties!

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