• The Post-Friendship Issue
    June 2014 #5
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    Riot cover

    An alternative pride party aimed to shake people out of complacency and embrace Pride's riotous roots is happening tonight. We sat down with Paul Leopold and Dream Dommu of The Culture Whore to find out more.

    RIOT, a Radical Queer Pride Fantasy

    by Hanna Hurr


    With many lovers, it gets complicated. But perhaps that’s the only way to love.

    On Polydrama 

    by J.P. Tamang


    A skateboard high school? Yep, that’s a thing in Malmö, Sweden.

    Domhouse over
    Anon Dominatrix
    Texas farm

    Drones against animal cruelty? Will Potter is running a kickstarter to fund drones for reporting on cruel conditions at factory farms across the country.


    Rich kid of Instagram loses $850 000 worth of luxury cars in repeated arson attacks.

    Cover 2am

    Why you should never stay at a party later than 2:00 am. Staying later than that never leads to anything good. Well, almost never.

    Always Leave by 2:00 AM

    by Matt Casciano


    Small Plates by Olivia Starkie

    Honey Traps and Pasta Sauce

    Our new food columnist introduces us to a legendary and affordable pasta sauce her family has used to snare lovers for at least two generations.

    Violentvickie 3
    Violent Vickie

    Junglepussy released her debut album “Satisfaction Guaranteed” this week. This Brooklyn-based style icon is a vixen about to blow up.

    Three Kings

    The World Cup starts today, and with it the culmination of a much longer power battle between Brazilians resisting the World Cup and the authorities working to defend it.

    The World Cup Mega-Disaster Is On

    by Hanna Hurr

    A Comic about Idapalooza
    Cover selfie

    Pop music has commodified riots and revolt so much it’s spilling back onto real life, inspiring rebellion among students at public universities across the country.

    A Year of Pop Music and Party Riots

    by – Anonymous

    Punksummer background curves

    I recently found a list entitled “2013,” in which the only two entries were: 1. BAND, 2. RIFFS, neither of which happened. Here's a few things that are on my list this summer.

    How to Have a Fun Summer for Less Money

    by Katie Thornton

    Workingwriter background

    My day job is to give sensual body rubs to men — mostly middle-aged, married, slightly overweight and moderately unattractive men. This is how I make my living as a writer.

    I Work as a ‘Sensual Masseuse’

    by – Anonymous

    Final june horoscope mask

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    June 2014

    Oh-oh! There will be battles all around this month, and some will be far subtler than others. Read your horoscopes to soak in whatever feels restorative. Shake off the excess when you’re done.

    Screen shot 2016 05 31 at 4.06.10 pm

    Letters by Tyler Reinhard

    It's All about Who You Know

    We abandoned the “activist” for a new kind of organizing. One based on friendship, affinity, and common enmity. Friendship, though, is as old as political power itself. In this letter from the editors, our thoughts on why, from now on, all friendship is nepotism.

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