• The Post-Friendship Issue
    The Post-Friendship Issue
    Horoscopes 3

    Everything you need to know about the Earth opening up and swallowing your planets or the other way around.


    Corina Dross is an artist, astrologer, and rabble-rouser best known for her illustrated card deck, Portable Fortitude. Based out of Philadelphia for the last ten years, she’s currently splitting her time between the East Coast and the Northwest.

    Final june horoscope mask

    Illustration by Josie Mosser.


    June 2014

    It’s official: Mars is out of retrograde and with it our collective energy has shot forward like an arrow. But before we cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war, bear in mind that Mars is still in Libra, a serpentine sign where those arrows are bound to fly a little crooked. However riled we may get, I strongly recommend doing some fact checking before wilding out. And please, let’s all promise not to cloak our aggression in sanctimonious purity. Be on guard against indirect aggression, in yourself or others. With the planet of war stomping through the sign of peace, that iron fist of hierarchical power will be wearing the velvet glove of non-violent communication and community-building. There will be battles all around this month, and some will be far subtler than others. Recognize what’s at stake and don’t let someone else take a stand or take the fall for you. 

    Situations will be especially tense on the 19th as Mars busts into the famed Uranus-Pluto square. For those new to this astrological configuration, it’s a years-long period of increased tension between entrenched power (Pluto) and revolutionary, liberating (Uranus) forces. Adding Mars to the mix is like kicking over an oil lamp in a barn. A handy guideline for such times: Don’t be afraid of your shadow. The fault lines of oppression and liberation that play out on the world’s stage also cut through each of us, so let’s fight fair. 

    Just to keep it interesting, Mercury will be in retrograde from June 7th till the end of the month. Allow a little extra time for things to run un-smoothly during these weeks. Those of you who identify as chaos monsters and stoners will know what I’m talking about. Some relief comes in the form of a grand water trine involving Saturn (structure, stability), Jupiter (expansion, joy) and the asteroid Chiron (healing old wounds) – this supportive trifecta can serve as a cool bath for those of you that need a break. Use these horoscopes accordingly: sink into whatever feels restorative and shake off the excess when you’re done. As they are written with a broad lens, you can focus it a little by reading your rising sign first, followed by your sun and moon signs. 

    Your name is being called by sacred things
    That are not addressed nor listened to
    Sometimes they blow trumpets

    Oh my God it's a jungle in here
    You've got wild animals loose in here

    Kate Bush, “Big Stripey Lie”


    Are you ready for things to get even weirder? You’ve been hobnobbing with a different crowd and have arrived in uncharted terrain. Maybe you’re chanting mantras in a monastery, organizing an eco-village, applying to a neuroscience PhD program, or submitting to an arranged marriage behind a white picket fence. Do you have moments of disbelief that this is where you’re at? Well, whether you’re settling in or beginning to feel unsettled, the ride isn’t over. Enjoy the unusual views, but remember to leave a trail of breadcrumbs just in case. 


    You may not notice it any more, but there is a piece of you that feels frozen. A part of your body, or a memory, or a past identity that’s been transfixed in an eternal present. Perhaps its solid familiarity is comforting to you, like an old scar. Or maybe you’ve stopped paying attention. It is possible to massage some life back into that numb area, though. Expect some pins and needles, but also brace yourself for the rush of life returning. This is a month when your care and attention could work miracles, not just for yourself but for anything you’ve given up on.   


    Sweetie, it’s going to be okay. You’re just going through what we professionals call an energetic shit show. You’ve got a gang of intense influences fighting for your attention, starting with the new moon in Gemini at the end May and leading up to the pile-up between the Sun and Mercury in Gemini as Mercury backs up in June. These alone are bound to cause some heightened energy and mental stimulation. Add to the mix some peripheral egging on by Uranus (electricity! genius! disaster!) and Mars (fight! fight! fight!), and your curious, chameleon nature is getting jolted into a state of hyper-arousal. Exciting times, but if you’re feeling dizzy go put your feet on the ground and dunk your head in some cold water. All the whirling energy can whirl a little more slowly, if you ask it to. 


    There is a special kind of exhaustion that descends when you’ve been vigilant and active long past any reasonable limit. But rather than enforcing rest, it can prevent you from sitting still. If this is the shaky and speeding boat you’re in – hurtling past some shoreline in pursuit of the dawn – now is the time to slow the fuck down and think of your poor adrenals. You may be half-way up a mountain or half-way through a break-up, but it can wait. Stop in your tracks, carve a burrow into the snow, and set your alarm for 24 hours from now. For those of you who are remembering to sleep, go ahead and hit that snooze button again. All the drama will still be there when you wake up. 


    This is no time for false modesty. Between you and me, we both know you can do whatever you set your mind to in a way that’s sure to impress. No need to hide that. Your real dilemma this month is your tendency to rely on other people to be impressed in order for you to care about your project. Avert your eyes from the madding crowd! Go finish that masterpiece that only you could ever make and shun the temptation to tell anyone about it until it’s finished. Yes, you can imagine the adulation and social cred your hard work will earn you. No, you cannot post or tweet about it in progress. And no, knowing you’re a genius while you lay about not making anything doesn’t count. 


    Your fantasies this month are evenly split between two themes: the desire to become obscenely rich and buy your lover a golden helicopter and a lifetime supply of high-class cereal; or the desire to give up everything you own and sleep in apple trees along country roads where no trucks throttle by, exchanging your hand-sewing skills for hunks of bread at the back doors of farmhouses where floury, grim matrons squint at you kindly. Underneath the grandiosity of both fantasies, there is a common thread: an image of love as a force that can release us from the bonds of reality. Remember, longing is itself a kind of spell.  


    If Mars is an arrow, you are the high whine of the bow as that arrow pierces the air. Though still plagued by external urgencies, you do get to exhale now. You’ve taken the first step toward freedom and you’re in motion at last. Now, though your body may be navigating highway traffic in a car full of carefully packed cellos and unruly dogs, your soul is skateboarding behind, holding on to the tailgate and hurling apple cores at anti-abortion billboards along the way. A little jubilant howling wouldn’t be amiss at this point, either. 


    You are distinctly aware of the dangers of getting what you want. So much has opened up for you in the last few months, as you’ve fully shut other doors, that you’re faced with a monumental project of redefinition. It’s as though you’ve been handed a pomegranate by a smitten king in the land of the dead, and you’re musing over the rich, red capsules, wondering how much, if any, you dare to eat. In this uncertain time and place, here are some questions to guide you: What do you love most right now? What do you create in the spaces between the fleeting and the permanent? What are the risks of being happy?


    If you move in wide enough circles there comes a point when all you can see is yourself. Ask any traveler plowing through scenes of foreign life – the clicking of unknown languages, oblique customs, unfamiliar stars, and the profligacy of plants they can’t name – and you’ll hear a story of only what filters through the lens of self. Like the trillions of neutrinos that pass through our bodies every second, colliding with no electrons and leaving no trace, a perpetual traveler can become a self-contained comet. Come home for a spell, from wherever your body or mind has been wandering, and notice that thing that’s whining like a patient dog for your attention. There is something nearby that needs you to make sense of it, scoop it up, and give it a name. 


    Folks probably wouldn’t peg you as someone who indulges in senseless hedonism. You work too hard, you’re too responsible, and you seem happy enough in your busy orbit of being on top of it all. But I’ve seen you pursue some secret pleasure with just as much efficient, dogged energy – and that sly smile of satisfaction that says you don’t need to flaunt what you’re up to. Sometimes it’s to your advantage to be misunderstood. Use your camouflage wisely this month; you’re going to be drawn to pleasures, innocent or scandalous according to your taste, and it’s nobody’s business but your own. 


    Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a whole crowd of loved ones nearby, ready to squeeze into your humble abode at a moment’s notice. If so, you’re going to want to gather them this month, and feed them, and keep them up drinking and telling stories until someone is passed out on the couch and someone else’s dog is eating the cake and old lovers are trading barbs about their new lovers while everyone else is yawning and complaining about the new shit that’s so much worse than the old shit, which was shitty but it was ours. Hosting this grand hubbub is your milieu this month, reminding yourself that though “community” is a dubious term there are a handful of people whom you don’t mind feeding and letting pass out on your couch. Even if you’re far from these people, don’t be surprised to be invited in somewhere else. Whatever you do, remember you’re not an exile. Let yourself be included. 


    This is an interesting time for all you fishes. Some of you are casting off long-held illusions and watching them wriggle back into the water, limp and almost lifeless. Others are weaving strong nets to catch the larger beasts that lurk around the edges of your heart, whispering strange whale songs that sound like love. You see how this is going to end, right? Whether your dreams are old whales or tiny minnows, this is a time for reconsidering them – and remembering they can grow or shrink according to your internal weather. Some questions that apply equally to those tossing back and those gathering in: What are you hoping for? What shimmery illusions have fooled you in the past? Is there ever an end to longing?

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