• The Post-Friendship Issue
    The Post-Friendship Issue

    Junglepussy Releases Debut Album: Satisfaction Guaranteed

    “Not bourgie, I’m selective.”

    Junglepussy released her much anticipated debut album this week, “Satisfaction Guaranteed”. Influenced by Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, and Aaliyah, her sound is dark and witchy, with southern and tropical influences. This Brooklyn-based style icon is a vixen about to blow up.

    “It’s a full time job fuckin loving yourself.”

    Junglepussy’s rap game is both merciless and compassionate. Her songs are full of rage as she raps for and about urban women, belittles men, and asks no one for permission. Like she spits in “Bling Bling”,

    Looking out for my mama and my day one bitches
    Independent women we acculumating riches
    Blowing haters kisses
    Forever fly misses
    We whipping in the kitchen so respect my bidness

    The title track “Satisfaction Guaranteed” is great, but it’s “Nah” I’ll be playing on repeat this summer. Hell nah.

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